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How Big is a Typical Corner Shower?

Without you realizing it, your shower space plays a significant role in your life and house! The shower space allows you to unwind, recharge, and break from the monotonous tasks of life. It is necessary for your physical as well as mental health. 

A well-designed and the right-sized shower space provides you with unrestricted comfort, relaxation, and a positive self-care space. Moreover, it also contributes to the aesthetics and look of your bathroom and house. It is the space that gives a rejuvenating kickstart to your mornings and prepares you for the hardships to follow. 

Therefore, a shower space is essential for a harmonious and comfortable living environment. This is why we are here to uplift your showering experience. In this article, we will guide you with the perfect corner shower dimensions and tips on finding an ideal corner shower.

So read till the end to upgrade the aesthetics of your shower space! 

What is a Corner Shower?

No, this article is not about showering in the corner. Instead, we share information on the trendy and modern corner showers! In simple terms, a corner shower is a showering space that is installed in a corner of the bathroom. It is a space-efficient concept that gives a sleek and modern appearance to your bathing area. 

Unlike traditional showers, corner showers are not installed in the center, which saves a lot of space. It utilizes those spaces and corners of your bathrooms that are usually wasted or unexplored. Corner showers often feature glass walls that give a luxury appeal and open room for natural light. 

Because of their build, corner showers make the space feel very breezy, light, and airy. Often, corner showers have two glass walls on the side with a showering area in the center. It is made using fiberglass or acrylic and comes in various sizes and shapes, such as quarter-circle, neo-angle, or rectangular designs. 

As corner showers are available in multiple sizes and shapes, they can be installed in almost all kinds of bathroom layouts, irrespective of the area. Corner showers are an innovative solution that saves space while adding a touch of contemporary elegance to any bathing space. It can easily transform an ordinary bathroom into a cozy sanctuary of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Corner Shower Dimensions and Types

Now that we know what is a corner shower and its purpose, let’s understand the various shapes and sizes in which it usually comes. This will help you determine the perfect corner shower dimensions for you as per the area and aesthetic requirements. The standard and most commonly installed size of a corner shower is 36 inches by 36 inches. 

We have listed the three main types of corner showers and their dimensions below: 

1. Quarter-Circle Corner Showers 

Quarter-Circle Corner Showers 

These types of corner showers feature a curved design that shares similarities to a quarter-circle. Quarter-circle corner showers are a perfect fit for small bathrooms as the rounded circle ensures optimum space utilization. The curved glass door creates a visually appealing and seamless look.

It is the perfect option for studio or 1-BHK apartments. It also makes your space look a little bit larger while keeping the coziness intact. The radius of a corner shower typically ranges from 32 inches to 36 inches. 

2. Neo-Angle Corner Showers 

Neo-Angle Corner Showers

Neo-angled or diamond-shaped corner showers have two straight sides and one angeled side. The angled entrance of these types of corner showers increases the visual appearance of your bathroom’s interiors. They often feature pivot or hinged doors that also contribute to their stylish appearance. 

These showers are perfect for small to medium bathing spaces. The base width of a neo-angle corner shower ranges from around 36 inches to 42 inches. The door opening width can go up to about 24 inches to 30 inches. The neo-angle corner shower dimension makes it easier to fit snugly into a limited bathroom space. 

3. Rectangular Corner Shower 

Rectangular Corner Shower

These kinds of corner showers offer a more contemporary, modern, and sleek appearance. The rectangular glass doors fit neatly in almost any corner. They provide a larger interior space as compared to the quarter-circle corner showers and neo-angle corner showers. 

It is a perfect fit for people who want a large area for showering. These showers often come with sliding or swing doors to enhance accessibility and functionality. The standard size of a rectangular corner shower is around 32 inches to 48 inches. 

However, it is important to note that the sizes and dimensions of a corner shower vary as per the manufacturer. You can also customize the dimensions as per your requirements. 

Tips to Select the Right Corner Shower 


Selecting the right corner shower for your bathroom is a big task. It involves thoughtful consideration of multiple factors like functional needs, aesthetic preferences, budgetary limitations, and more. Here are some tips to help you find an ideal corner shower: 

  • Space and Area: Before you start the hunt for the perfect corner shower, measure your bathroom space. Note down the area of the space where you want the shower to be installed. Along with the floor area, also consider your bathroom height. 
  • Corner Shower Type: Make up your mind about the type and design layout of the corner shower you want. You can choose from quarter-circle, neo-angle, or rectangular corner showers as per your style, space, and budget preferences. You should go with the shower type that matches your vision for your space’s look and style. 
  • Corner Shower Dimensions: It is important to take note of the size and dimensions of the corner shower and then compare it with your bathroom space and area. You can ask the manufacturer for the corner shower’s height, width, and base area. Additionally, you can also customize the dimensions as per your requirements for the perfect fitting. 
  • Glass and Frame: One must check the type of glass used while making the corner shower. You should also know if it uses fiberglass or acrylic. Another important thing to know is the thickness of the glass walls of a corner shower. The frame contributes to the aesthetics and visual appeal of the corner shower. The frameless glass designs provide a sleek and modern look, whereas frame designs offer stability and structure. 
  • Door Style: You should decide on a door style as per your comfort, need, and space. If you have a compact or small space, then we recommend going with a sliding door. However, hinged or pivot doors are great for wide entrance. You should also check whether the door swings inwards or outwards. 

Advantages of Corner Showers 

young woman cleaning shower door.

Nowadays, corner showers are preferred over traditional shower spaces. It has become a must-have for modern bathroom design layouts due to the following benefits: 

  • Space Optimization: The corner shower dimensions are specifically designed to fit into a corner of the bathroom. It makes efficient use of the space that might go unused otherwise. The build and dimensions of a corner shower provide a luxurious feel in a small area bathroom. 
  • Maximized Floor Space: Since corner showers only utilize a corner of your bathroom, it frees up more space in the center for you to use in other ways, like setting up a self-care station, mini spa, or more! Corner showers make the bathroom feel more open and spacious and less cramped. 
  • Enhanced Aesthetics: Corner showers offer a sleek, modern, and minimalist design approach for your bathrooms. The clear glass walls create a visually appealing, eye-pleasing, and sophisticated look. 
  • Open Atmosphere: The corner shower dimensions create an open and inviting atmosphere. The glass walls also attract natural light, which creates a pleasing ambiance. The breezy and brightened showering space makes the person relax well. 
  • Open to Customizations: You can easily customize a corner shower as per your space, aesthetic, and budget requirements. You can customize the type of glass used, the door’s type and swing, and built-in shelves as per your liking. 
  • Easy to Clean: The corner showers are low maintenance and can be cleaned easily. They come with fewer nooks and crannies, which eventually collect dust and dirt. The water stains of glass can be easily wiped off using a glass cleaner. 

Best Corner Shower Recommendations 

The market is filled with numerous corner showers. It is a hectic process, but like always, we are here to make things easy for you! Here are some of the best corner showers of 2023 that you can install in your bathrooms without a second thought! Happy Shopping! 

1. Sunny Shower Corner Shower 

Sunny Shower Corner Shower

This corner shower comes with a double sliding door design, making it the best option for the given price range! It can easily elevate your showering space with its smooth nickel finish and waterproof seal strip. The dimensions of this corner shower are 34’ x 34” x 72”. It also comes with a two-year warranty from the manufacturer. 

2. Dreamline Shower Enclosure

Dreamline Shower Enclosure

The highlight of this shower enclosure is its slimline base that prevents leakages. It has a low profile threshold design and a Q-Wall balckwall. Additionally, it has a 6mm certified tempered glass to ensure the safety of the user. 

The corner shower has a sliding door with a beautiful color combination of satin black! The dimensions of its length, breadth, and height are 35” x 36” x 76.75”. This corner shower will make your shower space look premium and expensive! 

3. Elegant Showers

Elegant Showers

This corner shower takes care of your safety. It has a sliding shower door that is secured with 6mm tempered safety glass. The door has built-in copper rollers that make it convenient for use. 

The glass is coated with a spot guard that makes it easier to clean and maintain. It also has an additional handlebar for hanging towels or clothes. This corner shower is backed up by a two-year manufacturer warranty to give you maximum satisfaction. 

4. Over Decors Breeze Pro Shower Kit Corner with Base

Over Decors Breeze Pro Shower Kit Corner with Base

You can install this shower in just 30 minutes! It comes with a proper toolkit and installation guidelines. It has a curved sliding glass door to add a modern touch to your bathroom space. The door also has handlebars made of stainless steel to offer support and prevent water stains. 

This corner shower has dimensions of 32.01” x 32.01” x 75.91” and weighs around 109.1 pounds. It is a suitable choice for small to medium-sized bathrooms. 


In our dull and boring daily routines, showers play a refreshing role. They offer a momentary break from all the difficulties of life. Our showers and showering spaces play a huge role in shaping our mood for the day! 

This is why it is extremely important to have a shower space that offers a relaxing and soothing vibe for our mind and body. There are multiple kinds of shower layouts available. However, the corner showers emerge as the perfect solution for our modern lifestyle. They have space-efficient designs that also improve the aesthetics of the house. 

The impact of a corner shower is decided by its space and dimensions. The correct corner shower dimensions help in creating a symphony of comfort, accessibility, and visual harmony. It eventually transforms an ordinary shower into an extraordinary experience.

An ideal corner shower is like an oasis of wellness in the non-stop hustle of modern life. It is more than just a bathroom or showering space; rather, it’s a testament to the art of living well, to which we all must commit! 

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