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Stunning Shades: White Dove vs Cloud White, Swiss Coffee, and More!

Looking for beautiful classic white shades for your home decor? Choosing the right shade of white can be a tricky affair. Benjamin Moore offers a wide range of white shades that match the pure white aesthetic you may love.

However, even within white, the finer nuances that separate different white shades can make a difference in how the room looks and feels. Depending on the room you choose, the color and the shade of white you finally want to choose from may vary. Are you wondering which Swiss coffee vs. white dove is right for your home decor?

Choose the perfect ultimate white that matches your home decor like no other. Something that brightens your room gives off a soft, warm, and cozy vibe! Benjamin Moore, known for its brilliant white shades, offers various white colors, such as Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee, White Dove, and other contemporary shades like Sherwin Williams Alabaster.

Here’s a quick read for you that helps you simplify your choice.

Complete Guide to White Dove

Complete Guide to White Dove

White Dove OC-17 is a stunning white shade offered by the well-renowned Benjamin Moore. The company offers the most beautiful white shades and is known for the wide variety of whites offered, thus making it a tricky choice. This shade has an LRV or light reflectance value of 83.16. The closer the LRV is to 100, the whiter the shade is. 100 LRV is considered to be pure white.

This is a popular white shade with hints of a grey undertone. This shade is slightly warmer, making it perfect for the cozy vibe. It has a calming tone and an inviting, enchanting vibe about it. What makes this shade perfect is how beautiful it looks on walls, wall trims, doors, furniture trims, and more.

Why Choose White Dove OC 17?

Why Choose White Dove OC 17?

This particular shade has the right hues of color that make it warm, bright, and inviting. If you are looking to have a shade that feels inviting and amazing, this is the shade you are looking for. No wonder it is preferred by so many designers, homeowners, and more.

It complements beautifully with lighting fixtures, decor, and wall finishes. This white dove OC-17 is known to completely complement all kinds of home decor aesthetics and adds to its unmatched versatility.

Experience Unmatched Airy Exuberance

The Swiss Coffee vs. White Dove debate has been around for years now, considering both have their own merits and demerits; however, for those looking for a more airy, light, and bright vibe.

It’s one of the shades that offers great versatility and is a lucrative option for those who want to simply choose a good white shade for their home. If you have a bright natural light in your home, this is the shade to have.

What are the Undertones?

White colors are complex colors. This shade has a blend of various colors, making the answer to this quite tricky. However, simply put, the white dove has warm undertones. This warm undertone is what gives it the right kind of look and feel to make it super interesting and welcoming.

Under a certain kind of lighting, for example, south-facing lights can make a home painted with a white dove looking slightly yellowish. However, depending on the light source, they may change up a bit. The best way to describe white dove is the bright, airy, sunshine-like experience

White Dove Vs. Cloud White

Why Choose White Dove OC 17?Why Choose White Dove OC 17?

Both these Benjamin Moore shades will be your top competitors when making the final choice about picking the perfect white. When comparing these two, the cloud white is a much warmer shade than a white dove.

The white dove, because of its appearance under certain lights, can give off a certain creamy yellow shade. In this sense, the cloud white is a much more white-leaning shade that gives amazing earthy tones.

These look great in countertops and trims. While cloud white was a very popular shade during the 2000s, there has been an obvious shift in the trend toward white dove. If you think in terms of brightness, the cloud white one is the brighter shade.

Specification differences include the following.

  • Cloud White LRV: 85.05 vs. White Dove LRV: 83.16
  • Brightness Wise, cloud white steals the deal
  • Cloud white is ideal for granite or laminate countertops
  • For trim cabinets, white Dove may be better suited
  • Both work well for north and east-facing rooms.
  • Both shades look brighter and warmer in south and west-facing rooms.

Swiss Coffee Vs. White Dove

Swiss Coffee Vs. White Dove

White dove continues to remain a preferred choice for most designers and homeowners because of the versatility of white dove and Swiss coffee. Both these whites are offered by the popular paint manufacturer Benjamin Moore.

The depths of both these whites are soft and similar. However, when it comes to the darkness, Swiss coffee is a slightly darker shade than a white dove.

Despite the fact that both are technically warm white colors, there is a slightly higher warmth look and feel to Swiss coffee compared to the stunning white dove. If you have a keen eye, you might just notice the slight hint of green undertone in Swiss coffee. However, you truly need to be a paint enthusiast to catch this one.

Specification differences include the following.

  • Swiss Coffee LRV: 81.91 vs. White Dove LRV: 83.16
  • Brightness Wise, a white dove is definitely visibly brighter than a white dove.
  • Swiss coffee is, however, much warmer than white dove
  • Both can look stunning, especially in north-facing rooms.

White Dove vs. Pure White

White Dove vs. Pure White

It’s time to get down to picking the right white for your home; comparing white dove vs pure white is mandatory. While white dove is a Benjamin Moore offering, Pure White by Sherwin Williams is a brilliant white color, too.

This color is another stunning white that makes your home look perked up and pops out wonderfully. It complements white with grace. This shade has a slight yellow undertone that makes it appear slightly warm. It is ideal for use, especially for the trims and wall boards.

This is a high-end, stunning white paint that is ideal for ceilings, too. You can use these for kitchen cabinets, while white dove works best for countertops and trims too.

If you’re opting for a home with more beige or warm tones, then a white dove is the right choice. However, if you want a whiter, cool aesthetic pure white is a preferred option

Specification differences include the following.

  • White Dove LRV: 83.16 vs. White Dove LRV: 84
  • Brightness-wise, pure white ranks better than white dove
  • White Dove is slightly warmer than the pure white by Sherwin Williams
  • White dove can be slightly dull or flat on a wall that falls north-facing.
  • Similarly, depending on the time of day, it can fall a bit flat on different times of the day in an east or west-facing wall.
  • However, it offers a more cool white effect on north-facing walls.

White Dove vs. Alabaster

White Dove vs. Alabaster

Both these Benjamin Moore shades are often compared to the Alabaster Shade by Sherwin Williams. These may both fall under a slightly off-white shade that works brilliantly well in most rooms.

However, the white dove is considered closer to pure white than the alabaster shade. The Alabaster by Sherwin Willaims stands out a bit due to the grey undertones that are quite evident. As compared to the white dove, it offers a much whiter shade that’s warm on the eyes.

The white dove is unknown for its soothing effect and warm and welcoming vibe. Both paints are completely safe to opt for if you are truly confused about the right paint for your home. These perfect whites are difficult to choose from but deliver the desired results.

Specification differences include the following.

  • Alabaster LRV: 82 vs White Dove LRV: 83.16
  • Brightness Wise, they both have similar brightness
  • While Alabaster has more of a beige undertone, the white dove has more yellow-green undertones.


Choosing the right shade for your home depends upon the kind of home decor, the location, and the direction of the space.

If you want to decide between Swiss coffee and white dove among other whites, take a look at your preferred undertone. Test out different color shades on your wall before making the final choice.

Take into consideration the warm and yellow shade factor that white dove offers. Benjamin Moore offers some brilliant white shades that all have their own merits. The perfect off-white to white shade of white dove makes it the go-to color for someone looking for a warmer and more inviting look and feel for their home.

Try our peel-and-stick samples before making your final choice. Also note factors such as where the sunlight falls, home brightness, and artificial lighting used in the space, among others.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Difference Between White Dove and Swiss Coffee?

Swiss coffee has a much warmer, creamier tone than white dove. In comparison, white dover is a ‘whiter’ shade with an LRV of 83.16 when compared to Swiss coffee’s 81.91. It leans more towards an off-white, creamy-white shade.

Which is better, White Dove Or Swiss Coffee

Depending upon the final look and aesthetic you are going for, the answer varies. However, Swiss coffee is the go-to color for a warm, inviting, and cozy look and feel. They both have warm undertones, but Swiss coffee has a slight yellow-green undertones to it.

What is Creamier than a White Dove?

Alabaster by Sherwin Williams is a slightly warmer and creamier shade than the white dove. You can choose a white dove for more north-facing rooms. However, alabaster works well when you want to balance the coolness of the light with the room to make it appear more inviting.

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