What Color Carpet Goes with Gray Walls? What Color Carpet Goes with Gray Walls?

What Color Carpet Goes with Gray Walls? A Complete Guide

Gray has become an increasingly popular color for walls for the last couple of years. This rise in fame is due to its versatility. Yet sometimes, the shades can make the rooms look very somber. Adding a pop of color here and there to the decor makes all the difference and creates a fun vibe. So, if you are thinking about what color carpet goes with gray walls, the answer is many.

Gray walls are not that hard to work with, you just need to balance them. A carpet does the trick well, especially when the color compliments the hue of gray on the walls.

In this article, we have listed a few colors that work with gray walls, especially if you are looking for carpets.

1. White

White is a color of elegance and pristine beauty. So, it is no wonder that most homeowners choose a white carpet or rug. And pairing it with gray walls makes the whole room look classy and sophisticated. The expanse of white, in turn, becomes the center of attention, creating an aesthetic vibe in the room. White is such a versatile color that it would complement the other decor choices in the room seamlessly.


There are many kinds of white rugs available in the market if you do not want to opt for carpets. The shades are vibrant by themselves but can look neutral in the right light. A soft and fluffy white rug in the living room would easily complement your gray walls.

2. Black

Gray falls between the colors black and white, so it is no wonder that gray walls look great with these accents. A black rug is a bold statement to have in any room. But once you combine it with gray walls, the result is quite dramatic. Another aspect to consider while thinking about what color carpet goes with gray walls is rugs of different shapes and sizes. A geometric-designed black rug can create a statement all by itself.


In these modern times, there is a variety of carpets and rugs available, all in exciting designs. And choosing the elegant combination of black and white will give the room a timelessness. Along with the gray walls, the black rug would create a monochromatic look you can jazz up with decor elements.

3. Brown

Dark-colored carpets are often prepped by people for being immune to everyday dirt. And so, brown carpets and rugs are often the most popular choice. These can hide muddy footprints effortlessly. And on the plus side, they look great in a room with gray walls. These carpets go with most decor choices and will make the room feel welcoming and warm. The color brown may seem uninteresting, but it makes a house feel like a home.


Brown carpets need not be all single-color stick-in-the-muds. There are a variety of brown rugs available in the market that are perfect for every room of the house. A tie-dyed brown rug that is fluffy and beautiful is a great addition to any living room.

4. Gray

The thing about the color gray is it’s really beautiful. One may think that it’s a bit boring, but gray on gray creates the most perfect combinations. Opting for a gray carpet when you already have gray walls is a gamble, but one that reaps excellent results. The monochromatic look of gray has been in vogue for a while due to the restful atmosphere it creates.


Before asking what color carpet goes with gray walls, take a good look at the undertones of the gray. For one, a dark gray carpet is a classic that pairs well with lighter grays in creating a contrast. For darker walls, get a light gray rug. But keep in mind that the undertones match so that the look is not hospital-like.

5. Red

When you get dark-colored carpets for a room, there are a lot of colors you can choose from. But the popular choices rarely include red. Sure, red is a fiery color that people do not associate with neutrals. But with the right combination, red carpets can work wonders. Red or burgundy carpets with gray walls create magnetic rooms that stun everyone.


The vibrant color pairs with the gray walls to make a warm and romantic room. It makes for the perfect combination of cool and warm with the undertones. However, the electric vibe is only achieved after careful consideration. The intense hue of red can often become overbearing and make the room look tacky. To avoid that, make the carpet the primary focal point of the room.

6. Blue

Blue is a color that we often do not tire of seeing. The hue reminds us of the beach and its calming waves. But when you think what color carpet goes with gray walls, the first choice is never blue. However, if you were to be brave and add a light blue carpet to the room, you would witness a transformation. Blue may not be a neutral color, but it pairs well with cool-toned grays.


The color of blue you choose for the carpet would depend on the tone of gray on your walls. But the combinations of light/ dark blue and turquoise with dark gray walls turn many heads. It breaks the monotony of a single-color theme and brings back liveliness into the room.

7. Green

When we think of green, we envision meadows or big trees. And those do not usually accompany grays of different hues. But you will surprised to see how well certain green rugs perform with gray walls. The combination is certainly striking, but it is essential to select the right shade. For one, mint green pairs perfectly with gray walls. The lighter colors bring back the freshness while the dark gray grounds the room.


If you are looking to create a welcoming home with a dash of fun, get some mint green rugs. One with geometric designs focuses on the modern aspect of the decor, as the surroundings focus on functionality. Mint green adds a distinct flavor to life, much like mint chocolate chip ice creams.

8. Purple

When we think of gray walls, we usually think of blacks or whites. But if you dare to experiment, you will find purple a great alternative. Purple carpets and rugs come in various colors, so do not go and get the first one available. Only a few shades of purple match with the right grays. The hue depends on the shade of gray you have on the walls.


Two shades that are high on the list of what color carpet goes with gray walls are mauve and royal purple. A grayish lavender also works well with grays that have a softer undertone. However, colder grays with purple carpet might make the room look gloomy. Adding texture to the carpet or getting a rug also makes the colors look cohesive.

9. Pink

The different shades of pink available in the market stand out on their own. But when used against a gray wall, pink carpets can look beautiful. The color adds a coolness to the room that pairs well with neutral grays. The combination may look unusual at first, but once used, you will notice the change instantly. Gray shades are neutral and can ground a room well. But when pink is mixed, the pop of color becomes grand.


You can rest assured that a pink rug or carpet will not overwhelm the hues of the entire room. The trick is to keep the neutral theme while adding hot pink decor items. These will give a little shock of excitement to everyone who enters the room.

10. Beige

One of the most popular colors in the world of interior decor is Beige. Its popularity stems from the fact that it can work with almost any color to create a warm environment. So, it is no wonder that beige is a top choice for carpets that accompany gray walls. There are 2 separate types of beige available, one with yellow undertones and the other with gray. So pairing them with gray walls has never been easier.


If you were to ask yourself what color carpet goes with gray walls, the answer would be a variety of colors. But with beige, you can also include a range of other shades in the decor. A minimalist gray room with a beige carpet would feel warm yet airy and bright.

11. Cream

Another light-colored carpet that is often paired with gray walls is cream. The concern that most people have is whether cream would wash out the walls, making them look boring. But the thing about interior decor is that there are a million ways to spice up an ordinary space. For a cream carpet to work in the room, the walls should be of a much darker shade of gray. The tones should also be on the cooler side.


While decorating a room, keep in mind that the pieces of furniture should work together. The look should be a cohesive one but with pops of color here and there. Without interesting things like paintings, plants, and pillows, a gray and cream living room would indeed look very boring.

12. Yellow

Thinking of what color carpet goes with gray walls, the color color of this list would be yellow. Warm and bright hues like orange or yellow can make a room look cozy and inviting. But if you add gray walls to the mix, the entire dynamic changes. It will no longer be sunshiny, rather, the vibrant elements give it a fun aura. Yellow also doesn’t disrupt the gray’s color scheme when it comes to decor.


A yellow rug in a living space with gray walls can be a bit hard to decorate. The sofas and chairs must look put together to attain the desired effect. However, you can never go wrong with simple blacks and whites. A yellow throw or some cushions would tie the room together.

Bottom Line

Gray walls are beautiful, but without the right decor, they are just blah. To make it more interesting and give your rooms a stunning statement piece, get some carpets. The color has to pair perfectly with the walls and the decor to make the room look cohesive. But not to worry, the number of colors that go well with gray are many.

So when you think of what color carpet goes with gray walls, think of more than black and white. A nice geometric mint green or burgundy rug just might be what your room needs.

Comment below and let us know your favorite color that you always pair with gray!

Frequently Asked Questions

Should Carpet Be Lighter than Walls?

While choosing rugs or carpets for your rooms, the color of your walls is always taken into consideration. A general rule of thumb is to get a carpet that is about 2 shades darker than the color of your walls. For darker walls, go two tones lighter for a cohesive effect.

How Do I Choose a Carpet Color?

There are many ways to choose the right carpet color. Your carpet should coordinate well with the decor of your house and be in the same color family. There are 3 basic themes to consider: Warm, Greige, and Cool. For warm-toned walls, earthy tones like cream and beige are perfect. Cooler carpets suit gray walls much better.

What Color Carpet Looks the Cleanest?

When you think of what color carpet goes with gray walls, there are a lot of factors to consider. Cleaning a fabric that covers most of the floor is hard. But contrary to popular belief, light-colored carpets are easy to clean. Dark carpets may look bold, but they also show stains easily. So, choosing colors like tan, beige, or white would be easy to maintain.

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