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6 Back to School DIYs to Try

I’m a little late to join the back to school fun but if you are anything like me then you get things done last moment. Not surprising, eh?  Meeting my friends after a long time wasn’t always the exciting part…

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DIY Votive Planters

It seems like it has been ages since I last wrote a post, I have a lot to say but that’s for another day.  When it comes to plants, I  am of this belief  the bigger the better it is,…

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DIY Brushstroke Tray

Lately, I’ve been really busy barely finding time to post as I will be travelling  in the coming days. I’ve much to say but perhaps for some other day. Coming to this tray that I’m so in love with. Let…

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Summer Picks with Uncommon Goods

  Most of you come here with expectations to be served with my latest concoction of ideas or projects with a fresh perspective. Uncommon goods won’t disappoint you either. They are an online marketplace that connects makers and their creations…

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DIY Basket Hexagon Shelves

The moment you read the title of this post, you must have said to yourself not again. Hexagon shelves sounds pretty much overdone right? To that I would say, not really! I for one don’t like to repeat and makes…

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