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Summer Picks with Uncommon Goods

  Most of you come here with expectations to be served with my latest concoction of ideas or projects with a fresh perspective. Uncommon goods won’t disappoint you either. They are an online marketplace that connects makers and their creations…

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DIY Basket Hexagon Shelves

The moment you read the title of this post, you must have said to yourself not again. Hexagon shelves sounds pretty much overdone right? To that I would say, not really! I for one don’t like to repeat and makes…

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12 DIY Keychains to make

Yes, my bag has many compartments to store my little knick knacks and the phone but you bet I still end up loosing a key for atleast two minutes before I can reach out to the door and head over…

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Free Abstract iPhone wallpaper

It has been a little frustrating failing to find the right material for the project that was supposed  to be posted this week. Welcome to the life of a maker, where there is no guarantee that you will make it…

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What’s Enthralling this Friday #7

Hey, how is everyone doing? The last two weeks had been quite hectic for me naturally I will be taking this weekend off to read some magazines and admire this beautiful bouquet from Got to also take a good…

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