19 Beautiful Dark Blue Green Paint Colors

Green and blue are both fantastic color shades that simply add a charismatic charm to the place. While blue brings a calming effect, green, on the other side, attracts positivity. Both the colors are truly amazing, and we could not be more attracted to them.

However, the real struggle is to choose between these two amazing colors. Wouldn’t it be great if we could get the best of both worlds? Fortunately, it is possible.

If you are looking for some perfectly bold and beautiful dark blue-green paint colors, we have the best choices. These color shades are perfect for traditional rooms and also when you want to glam things up a bit. Decorate your paradise with the right shade of blue-green paint colors.

Are you excited to find your favorite dark blue-green paint color shades? Well, let’s begin then.

Beautiful Blue Green Paint Colors

1. Coat of Arms

Coat of Arms

This color is an absolute favorite of everyone looking for a fresh and decent blue-green shade. It beautifully balances a darker shade and a refreshing, moody shade. It is perfect to add a modern charm to the place and yet maintain its originality.

It can very easily be the go-to dark blue-green paint color for its soothing subtleness. You can use this color shade in your living room to make it look more spacious and royal. Whether you want the richness of green or the refreshing energy of blue, this color will never disappoint.

2. Largo Teal

Largo Teal

With the right balance of the green and blue shades, this color will surely grab all eyes within no time. It is super relaxing and brings a fresh note to the room. Additionally, if you like to have an over-the-top dramatic touch to your room, have no second thoughts about this color.

This rich color is a perfect choice for all your rooms and gives ample opportunities to use your creativity and innovation to play around with its decorations. If your room is blessed with natural light, the color will look divine; otherwise, you can make use of artificial lights to take its beauty to the next level.

3. OMGreen


If you prefer more of a green tone, you will surely love this dark blue-green paint color combination. It is a striking green color that keeps your surroundings subtle and attractive to instantly catch everyone’s attention. Ranging from lighter shades to darker ones, this color surely brings refreshing charm to the room.

The color enhances the beauty of the room by making it look bigger and brighter. You can also use the cream as a contrasting color with this green shade to grab all the compliments. It is surely a color that stands out in all ways to make a lasting impression.

4. Marine Blue

Marine Blue

This color marks the perfect blend of dark blue and green shades that enhance vibrancy and subtleness in your place. The color is so charming that you will instantly fall in love with its magical vibes. It also adds a dash of royalty to your place, making you mesmerized with its beauty every time.

The color is the perfect choice for people who enjoy a little bit of drama without ruining the overall vibe of the space. It can be said that the color doesn’t overwhelm the space with its presence; it just adds to the beauty. The color can be used either in the living room or in the bedroom.

5. Windmill Wings

Windmill Wings

If you have always been inspired by the elegant lavender shade, this color will certainly impress you instantly. The subtle attraction and energetic vibe of the color are its main highlights that make the color an instant hit among the users. It beautifully embraces the shade of dark blue-green paint colors to impress everyone around.

The color has a magical quality that comes with a soothing aura, which makes it people’s color. It glows differently in the natural light, making your place brighter, more appealing, and more attractive. You can try the color in your bedroom to keep things subtle with utmost positivity.

6. Chapelle Green

Chapelle Green

It is a color that never goes out of fashion. No matter what age group you belong to, the color will surely win your heart. Made with the subtle tones of dark green mixed with blue, the color is truly inspiring to renovate the place.

Combine this color with textured brick walls to make a lasting impression in no time. Its calming effect is well balanced with nature’s relaxation to maintain high energies and positive vibes at your place. Amidst the chaos of life, it beautifully makes it a place for a casual dining arrangement, soothing bedroom, and impressive living room arrangement. It is the color that will win you over and over again.

7. River Blue

River Blue

Do you always get fascinated by the deeply attractive color of the river? Well, good news, you can have the same dark blue-green paint in your room and enjoy the experience. This river blue color is for those who like deep blue color more than anything.

The color can also be a beautiful, versatile addition to your room, as it can contrast with almost every other color without ruining the overall vibe. It brings a cozy retreat for the people while keeping the surroundings delicate. Decorate your room with rugs in natural colors to make an impression of a lifetime without many interruptions.

8. Inchyra Blue

Inchyra Blue

This color perfectly maintains the line between the shades of green and blue. It is more on the darker side and, thus, is seen with richness, royalty, and deep impact. If you don’t want to choose the obvious black color, this shade is the most suitable replacement.

Besides its richness, it also brings a soothing charm to the eyes without being a loud addition. It ensures a wonderfully moody and dramatic vibe that makes your place a center of attraction. Use gold accents or beige decorative items with this color to impress everyone without any doubts.

9. Current Mood

Current Mood

What is your current mood? Well, ours is surely grooving with this color as it makes one of the most amazing, beautiful, and subtle choices. It has more of a green shade than the blue one, but it definitely looks magnificent, especially in natural light. The color gives a romantic feel along with distinguishing your room for its highly positive vibe.

You can choose this dark blue and green paint color for any room without any worries; however, ensure to have enough light to complement its beauty. If you dare to be different, this appealing color will certainly attract you with its never-ending bold style statement.

10. Providence Blue

Providence Blue

This color is for all those who prefer a slight grayish tone with their blue and green paint colors. It ensures maintaining the perfect blend of green, blue, and little gray to deliver the perfect, beautiful finish to your place. If you want to enjoy a peaceful and relaxing time with your loved ones in a room decorated with love, this color would make the perfect choice.

The color brings sophistication, subtleness, coziness, and calmness to the surroundings. Make sure to maintain proper lighting in the room so the charm of this color can shine bright to attract everyone’s attention.

11. Retreat


You can never get enough of this color without falling in love. This color can be a wonderful addition to your bedrooms, kitchen, living room, etc., to invite a relaxed, charming, attractive, and cozy feel. Believe us; the subtleness of the color is all you need to enjoy a beautiful time at your place without any worries.

Decorate your room with shades of beige, gold, and brown to enhance the beauty of this color. With the right mix of accessories and natural lighting, this color will make you awestruck within no time with its beauty. The color is ever-lasting and has all the qualities to rule amidst the dark blue and green paint colors.

12. Blue Danube

Blue Danube

The incredibly beautiful and powerful color can stimulate and enhance your mood and emotions. Its positivity and happy vibes are enough to make you refreshed, calm, and flattered just within no time. The appealing charisma of the color is likely to attract all possible compliments from everyone.

Bring in some natural light in the room to justify the true beauty of the color; artificial lights will also work. It comes in the shade of teal, which makes it a versatile choice for every room. This vibrant color can instantly light up your space with its radiating stunning appearance.

13. Still Water

Still Water

If blue has always been your favorite color, this dark blue and green paint color will only add to your liking. This color is all you need to make you smile and happy vibes just as you enter your room. Feel motivated and confident enough to experiment with the color, and you will never be disappointed with its charming beauty.

Use it in your bedroom or living room to create a hard-to-miss aura that likely reflects your personality at its best. This color instantly delivers a vibe so special to proudly embrace for a lifetime. Make good use of natural or artificial lights to let this color add a pop of ever-lasting style.

14. Teal Stencil

Teal Stencil

If you want a soothing color that falls in between the shades of blue and green, nothing can be a better choice than teal stencil. This color is versatile to easily match your creativity and innovative ideas for decorating your space. The neutral shades or the shades of beige and gold work the best with this color.

The happy, positive, and refreshing vibe of this color makes your every day feel like a vacation. Contrast it with white walls to maximize its detailed dimensions and magnetic aura. To make this color shine bright, make use of more lights and minimalistic accessories.

15. Composed


Whether you want an attractive and appealing color or a refreshing and positive color, make no other choice than the Sherwin Williams Composed. This color is highly versatile as it can be used in any room to enhance the room’s beauty without any hassles. It offers the perfect mix of dark blue and green paint colors to stand out.

The color looks even more beautiful under natural or artificial lights, without a doubt. Add some of your favorite accessories and furniture to add to its significance. It makes the perfect choice for your entrance, bedroom, living room, and even your kitchen.

16. Opal Silk

Opal Silk

If you are looking for a soft, beautiful, and charming mix of blue and green color, opal silk is the right choice. The most striking attraction of this color is that it appears bluish in the natural light and then shifts more on the green side as the natural light goes down. As a result, you get shades of both blue and green with this one color.

It is a vintage beauty that can instantly enhance the beauty of your place. It makes the entire space glow up with relaxed, soothing, and peaceful surroundings, which will surely win your heart.

17. Narragansett Green

Narragansett Green

Are you still looking for a great green color that looks beautiful on your exteriors as well as interiors? The Narragansett green would make a perfect choice as it is the color that represents beauty, charm, and versatility. It gives you the perfect balance of dark blue and green paint that will surely attract gorgeous compliments.

Use it as a rich and vibrant color or to give a traditional and classic makeover to your room, and you will surely be happy and delighted with your choice. Try it on your main entrance or your bedroom, and it will only make you fall in love harder.

18. Aegean Teal

Aegean Teal

You will really enjoy this color, combining the hues of blue and the hints of green. Use the color in your bedroom or kitchen to enjoy a fun, positive, calming, and whimsical vibe. It will make your place look more colorful and playful without any extra hassles.

Once you have chosen the color for your place, it will be hard to not appreciate the calming effect that it brings along. It has all the attractions to be your go-to soothing and refreshing mix of blue and green paint colors. It is likely to delight all your senses with its magical aura and elegant appearance.

19. Amalfi


You will surely fall in love with this color the moment you will see it. It is an attractive bright blue color that is absolutely perfect for all rooms. It can be seen as a watercolor that attracts calming and refreshing vibes.

You can very easily pair this vibrant and dramatic color with shades of beige, golden, and neutral colors. The contrast will be well-balanced to add a certain charm that is hard to overlook. It is one of the safest ways to go bold with your choices of dark blue and green paint colors.

Final Thoughts

Choose any of these dark blue and green paint colors and give a modern yet sophisticated makeover to your space.

All these colors stand distinguished with their charm, and soothing, and refreshing qualities that are ever-lasting and surely appealing.

So, which of the colors is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can You Use the Dark Blue and Green Paint Colors?

The dark blue and green paint colors can be used in any room to invite freshness, positivity, and high energy. However, most people prefer the shades in their bedroom, kitchen, and living room. No matter where you use the color paints, ensure that they also portray your personality.

Are the Dark Blue and Green Paint Colors Warm or Cool?

The dark blue and green color paints are seen as cool colors as they are soothing to the users. Despite being the cool colors, both blue and green shades never fail to make your place a hot attraction with its royalness and mesmerizing charisma.

Which are the Best Contrasting Colors with Dark Blue and Green Paint Colors?

The dark blue and green paint colors beautifully contrast with all the neutral colors. The neutral colors beautifully enhance the richness of blues and greens. You can play around with shades of gray, beige, cream, off-white, white, etc., to ensure grabbing all the compliments.

What is the Main Requirement to Make the Blue and Green Color Shades More Attractive?

As you plan to choose between the different dark blue and green paint colors, always ensure the amount of natural light you get in the room. These color shades look unbelievably appealing when used in a room with abundant natural light. You can also use different artificial lights to highlight their beauty.

What Common Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting the Blue and Green Paint Colors?

The common mistake that most people make with dark blue and green paint colors is not checking them with and without light. These colors make a different impact in natural light than they make in darker surroundings. You will be amazed by the difference. Thus, not checking the colors in light and darkness before selection should always be avoided.

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