Best Paint Color Palettes for Red Brick Houses Best Paint Color Palettes for Red Brick Houses

20 Best Trim Colors for Red Brick Houses

Making a house is challenging, and choosing the right aesthetics for the house is more challenging. If we talk about red brick houses, then choosing a right to complement the red brick color is hard.

But if everything goes well, then no house is more beautiful than a red brick house. The red brick house is timeless and on many clients’ bucket lists.

The most common choice of color for red brick is black and white, with white included in the interior and black included on railings and trims. No doubt this combination is beautiful, but in the below, we will talk about 20 such color combinations for red brick houses.

These combinations are not unique but will go well with the red brick color. Colors like golden, orange, and yellow will highlight the features of the house.

1. Black


Black color complements red brick houses when used on the trim color, windows, or ceilings. You can include this color in the interior of your house with a small amount. Black color is said to be a bold color that complements the color of red bricks and creates a striking contrast with it, which will also give a modern and stylish look to your house’s interior and exterior.

2. White


Compared to black color, white color is the exact opposite and can be used in any part of the house or room, such as white walls, railings, and trim. This will give a classy look to your surroundings, especially white trims. But going on with this option requires a lot of carefulness, as the color is white, so you have to take prevention so that it will not get any dirt spots on it.

3. Light Gray

Light Gray

Light gray is another versatile, timeless, and safe option to include in the interior of your house. Light gray has the quality of matching any color, which gives you the advantage of choosing a color of your choice in both the interior and exterior of your house. Light is the first choice of many colors cause of calming undertones, nature, and the quality of reflecting a good amount of light in the room.

4. Yellow


If you are a person that loves light and sunny rooms, then you can use yellow color. This color can be included in your house. This color is quite interesting and creates a bright and inviting atmosphere in the house. You can use this color on doors and windows; the good news is that it can easily go well with red brick.

5. Black, White & Tan

Black, White & Tan

This color combination is considered the most classic combination on this list. By listening and imagining these, the name of these colors gives us calming vibes. This combination will look well in any ratio. But we recommend black color from Benjamin Moore; for tan color, you can use Benjamin Moore baby fawn, and for white, you can use Benjamin Moore white dove. They will give you a better and more attractive look.

6. Navy, Gray and White

Navy, Gray and White

This combination comes with a twist from the classic combination of black, white, and tan colors. In this combination, we have kept the simplicity of the above combination and added a sense of modernity to it. This combination includes navy blue, which pairs well with the red brick color. This color combination is bold and eye-catching, but if you are someone who loves to take risks, then you can surely go for it.

7. Yellow, Brown and White

Yellow, Brown and White

If you want your home to stand out from the other houses and create a welcoming atmosphere. Then, this color combination won’t disappoint you at any cost. As we all know, red has slight undertones of brown color, but when used properly, you can create the most beautiful color combination. Yellow can be a good choice for doors, whereas brown can be a great option for roofs and trims; on the other hand, navy blue can be used on the house’s interior.

8. Burgundy, Taupe and White

Burgundy, Taupe and White.jpg

This color palette includes purple, which is set as a great combination of red brick colors. If you include this color combination in your house, then not only you but the people coming to your house as guests will also love your taste. The door colored in burgundy will be the highlight of the house.

9.Light Brown

Light Brown

Using brown color on red brick houses with undertones of brown may or may not be a great idea. But including this color in a small amount may give you a good look. Like light brown colored trims, window borders, and light brown colored walls (one wall). But the best usage of light brown color on red bricks can only be used on the roof of the house. This inclusion will give your house a beautiful look.

10. Dark Brown

Dark Brown

Although dark brown is not the first choice of many house designers and buyers, if used well, it can come out well. Dark brown is somewhat similar to black color. If you have made up your mind to choose a color of a darker shade, then you can go for it. We recommend using this color in a small amount of the house, just to highlight the features of the house that will look good on the interior of the house.

11.Green, Gold and White

Green, Gold and White

This palette may look overwhelming at first glance, but it can give you a very calm and soothing feeling after some time. This color palette includes gold color, which is considered the best color to be included on the exterior of the house. With white, you can go for the one that has green undertones (Benjamin Moore Monterey White) and will complement your place. All three colors combined can give you the one of the best combinations you want.

12. Yellow and Oranges

Yellow and Oranges

Talking about another bold color that will create a striking contrast on the red brick house. This combination is said to be one of the iconic combinations. Though this combination is not a popular choice, it can go well with the red brick house. There are 2 ways to include this combination. The first one is to either use them separately at the different parts of your house (like trim, windows, doors) or use them together where you can make a pattern with them.

13.Sherwin Williams Alabaster

Sherwin Williams Alabaster

Alabaster is soft and is almost an off-white paint color. If you want to go for a white paint color, then this is a perfect choice for you. a paint color that comes in a modern house color palette and has a creamy look to it. Remember that alabaster is not true white and is included in the category of white color. The specialty of this paint color is that it is warm.

14. Sage


For interior painting, you can consider sage color as it is considered versatile and complements most of the colors. Some of the sage colors that you can include are Behr simply sage, Sherwin Williams Maxi Teal, Clare All the sage, and Sherwin Williams Sheraton sage. Though you can use other sage paint colors if you want, these are the best quality and durable paints compared to the others you get in the market.

15. Tuscan Sun

Tuscan Sun

If you do not know what the Tuscan sun is, then it is a warm shade of yellow with slight light undertones of brown color. This brown color undertone will complement the red brick very well. All the colors we have discussed this color will also make a great accent as well. So you can include them in the form of cushion covers, blanks, sofa covers, etc.

16. Bronze


Unlike orange color, bronze color is one of the easiest shades of orange that can combine with red bricks easily. You can include bronze color in many forms, like bronze-colored furniture, utensils, artworks, trim, ceilings, and show pieces. This shade will provide you with a classy, elegant, royal, bold look to your place. Also will highlight the features of the house.

17. Sherwin Williams Granite Peak

Sherwin Williams Granite Peak

A paint color from traditional brick color palettes that will go well with red brick color. Though you can use this color inside and outside of the house cause it creates a colorful, cheerful, and lively atmosphere outside the house. The reason to like and choose this color is that it is not dark compared to other navy blue colors. So, in conclusion, you can trust this paint color.

18. Rushing River By Sherwin Williams

Rushing River By Sherwin Williams

A paint color by Sherwin Williams is a gray color that has green undertones in it. This color is a part of traditional red brick color palettes. It contrasts well with the red brick color and gives a classic, timeless look to the house. You can buy this paint color either online or from any paint shop.

19. Teal and Indigo

Trim Colors for Red Brick Houses

If you are a person who loves dark colors, then these colors are for you. Teal, on the one hand, is a lighter color that is a mixture of blue and green, whereas indigo is a dark blue color. Both of these colors will match and complement the red brick color. If you want, either you can use one of them, or you can use both of them. Both of the choices will go well with the red brick color.

20. Charcoal, Beige, and White

Charcoal, Beige, and White

If you want your color to tone down in comparison with red bricks, then this is the palette you are looking for. The specialty of this color combination is that it goes well with red brick color. The colors of this palette have the power to attract all the yes toward it. A red brick house with this color palette can be the highlight of the neighborhood.


The above 20 colors can be used with the red brick color on your house, add a touch of elegance and royalty and create bold and vibrant combinations.

Including these colors will also make your house visually appealing and attractive. While deciding to add any color with red brick color, consider the surrounding architectural style and your taste.

Also, you can use the samples of paint colors before finalizing the color, as it will prevent you from choosing the wrong color.

Which of the above paint colors was your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Some Classic Color Options for a Red Brick House?

Some of the classic colors that you can include with red brick colors are creamy white, warm beige, and some specific shades of gray. Most of these colors have neutral tones that complement the natural look of red brick color and maintain its timeless and elegant look.

Will Bold Colors Go Well With Red Brick Color?

Yes, using bold colors with red brick color can create a striking contrast against red brick. Some of the bold colors to be included are navy blue, dark charcoal gray, or even rich jewel tones like teal or deep purple colors. They are one of those colors that complement the beauty of red brick color.

What are Some Accent Colors that Enhance the Look of Red Brick Color?

Accented colors do have the power to complement red brick colors. Colors like black, gold, and white can enhance the look of or appearance of red brick color. Black can be used on trims or shutters, creating a classic, refined look. On the other hand, the gold color adds a touch of elegance, whereas the white color provides a crisp contrast.

How do you choose the right color palette, considering the surroundings?

No matter how beautiful the color is, if it does not go well with the vibes of the surroundings, then it is a failure. To install a red brick color on the exterior of your house, first, look into the surroundings of your neighborhood and the climatic conditions of the area you are living in.

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