Inspiring Ideas for a DIY L-Shaped Desk Inspiring Ideas for a DIY L-Shaped Desk

30 DIY L-Shaped Desks that Will Transform Your Office

DIY L-shaped desk is the first step to go with your creativity to start using your corner space into a productive and completely useful space.

Many of us want to have a working space at home with a peaceful and comfortable corner; it’s not only for work-from-home persons. Everyone needs a personal, professional desk to sit and do their work, even if they can have a gaming corner.

While doing the DIY L-shaped desk, your creativity is enhanced by the personal touch to get inspired and motivated throughout your work time. If you create your desk, then it will have the features you need to reach everything easily. And particularly, the retailer’s L-shaped desks won’t fit in your corner properly.

That’s the notable point for going DIY to personally design and create your L-shaped desks according to your needs. Let us present you with the DIY ideas to create the masterpiece!

Inspiring Ideas For DIY L-Shaped Desk

Our hand-picked ideas for you to try with your creativity. Get inspired by these 30 ideas for creating your DIY L-shaped desk. These ideas can be prepared and finished with the above basic DIY desk preparation.

1. Mounted Corner Desk

Mounted Corner Desk

The corner desk without legs, something feels interesting, right? Since this is a DIY project, you can be the deciding authority. You can choose whether you want legs for your DIY L-shaped desk or not. To utilize the space fully, you can have a floating desk with mounted wooden boards.

The floating shelf of the desk can be more advanced with foldable attachments. In this way, you can give a makeover to the smaller space for your working area. But this option is not for using a desktop computer. Similarly, you can place this desk in built-in sliding grooves with vertical adjustment. In this way, you can increase and decrease the height of the working area to make it a standing desk or sitting desk.

2. L Desk for A Narrow Room

l shape narrow table

You can’t occupy a larger space for a narrow room for your office desk. Here, this long L-shaped desk can take up less space occupying while giving the working desk more area. This huge and long desk is a winner for a narrow room DIY L-shaped desk. You can give a waterfall edge to have a unique stand out to your room.

3. Wooden Desk with Shelves

Wooden Desk with Shelves .jpeg

The wooden L-shaped desks are always a classic appeal. You can stain the desktop to have the look completed. This is the saviour with attached shelves for storage. This fantastic L-shaped desk can be perfect for any room.

4. Stylish Industrial L Desk

Stylish Industrial L Desk .jpg

The most practical and more stylish L-shaped desk for your working corner. The wooden desktop can be attached to the metal frame on either end with legs as a rectangle attachment. This style is the go-to industrial-type L Desk with less space occupying and minimal functional area without any storage boxes. It’s neat and simple for an office corner.

5. Customised Draws with Shelves

Customised Draws with Shelves

This elegant and aesthetic L desk design suits a kids’ room corner, especially with two kids. Both sides of the L desktop can be attached with a set of drawers and shelves below to store the crafts and books. The working space can be wider to take two people at a time to work efficiently.

6. DIY L-Shaped Desk with Open Shelves

DIY L-Shaped Desk with Open Shelves .jpg

This iconic shelves L desk suits a library or kids’ playroom. This L desk is fine with minimal effort and has a spacious workspace and storage for the room. You must arrange the shelves like a rack below your working space to give easy access with wide open storage.

7. L Desk for Tiny Corner

L Desk for Tiny Corner .jpg

The cozy corner in your house can be perfectly turned into a beautiful mini workspace with this design. You can give a mini drawer and storage box for the mini DIY L-shaped desk. You can add a few rows of floating shelves to complete the look of this cozy work corner.

8. Floating L Desk

Floating L Desk

This is the best and easiest L desk you can ever create. The floating wooden desk can be mounted with brackets and placed correctly. This can make your kids’ virtual classes and their activity time more fun and enjoyable. There are no legs or any disturbances for the kids to roam around.

9. Farmhouse L Desk

Farmhouse L Desk

The farmhouse is something you might want to try if you are looking to create design suits for all types of rooms. The wooden desktop can be stained with preferable stain, and the wooden legs and frame can be painted to suit your house theme. The one side lengthy shelves and the stable working space can fit into any room snugly with the right size for your functionality.

10. Simply the L Desk

Simply the L Desk .jpg

This cute and straightforward L desk is an exact fit for a very tiny space. Here, you can attach one side edge of the L workspace to the wall. And the other side is left with a waterfall leg for not occupying much space. You can increase the width of the workspace as you don’t have much length for your L desk here. In this way, you can create a more functional space in a snug-fit corner of any room.

11. The Classy Wooden L Desk

The Classy Wooden L Desk

The office space in your house can look more classic with these beautifully carved legs attached to the wooden desktop. The desktop can be a live-edge wooden piece to have an ethnic look in your classy corner. There is no need to attach any shelves or drawers to maintain the aesthetic of this L Desk.

12. The Easy L Desk

The Easy L Desk

This is the DIY L-shaped desk for anyone who is looking to create an easy and effective working corner without any hustle. This is a budget-friendly DIY desk created with rows of mini planks attached to get the desktop working space. You can stain or paint the top if you want or leave it to look natural. It looks stunning in both ways, with unfinished edges to show its uniqueness.

13. Huge L Desk for Family Room

Huge L Desk for Family Room

This farmhouse-style huge L desk can be made with a stained functional desktop in a larger size with more with it. You can attach as many draws as you want to have your bills stored every month. The larger workspace can be a storage space for mini trays and boxes to assort the important worksheets of the week.

14. Two-Toned Rustic L Desk

Two-Toned Rustic L Desk

You can create the rustic look of a farmhouse with these beautifully designed drawers and open shelves on either side of the table. This can be a perfect choice for a living area corner to make it your little working area with a spacious desk top. You can leave one corner of this desk to have any decorative pieces.

15. L Desk for Office

L Desk for Office

Not all DIY L-shaped desks are meant for corners. You can have your L desk at the center of your room if you arrange it in your office. This desk can be flexible to have the working space on one side and another side of the L to hold onto the desktop computer and other substances for your office use. This is a modern and sufficient design to create for your home or office table in a DIY project.

16. L Desk with Steel Legs

L Desk with Steel Legs

This is a beautiful design to create. The wooden desktop can be stained and polished to shine. The desktop is attached to steel legs on all of the corners with screws and clamps to hold it tightly. This is another office L-shaped work table with a sleek and modern look.

17. Mini L Desk with Minimal Workspace

Mini L Desk with Minimal Workspace

This is a cute and less functional L Desk for a front office space. One side of the L can be converted into draws, and a low-level desktop over it. While the other side of the L works as a proper desktop to hold and have all the accessibility. You can attach a few open shelves next to the drawers for storage purposes.

18. Huge Desk for Gaming

Huge Desk for Gaming

Here is the L desk for any gamer. You can use this massive desk to hold monitors, a huge mouse pad, a keyboard, and a mic streamer. This can be done with a lot of working space given to have all other options for gaming. You can get comfortable with this desktop with all your gaming energy.

19. The Butcher Block L Desk

The Butcher Block L Desk

If you are interested only in the simple and the desk to do its purpose alone, this is the one for it. The wooden board of the workspace is attached to the metal pipes in the frame of the L shape.

20. Mini Storage with Modern L Desk

Mini Storage with Modern L Desk

This is a sleek and modern DIY L-shaped desk to hold very little storage space as a narrow shelf below the whole length of the L desk. Both incredible and attractive design can provide a huge workspace and is convenient to create.

21. Long Office L Desk

Long Office L Desk

You can create this long L desk for office purposes to accommodate two separate working stations on either side of the L. Give drawers on both sides for storage.

22. Compact and Cute Corner Desk

Compact and Cute Corner Desk .jpg

Space-saving furniture is always a win-win for both working and space-saving. The work desk is created with only enough space for the computer or your needs. Both the ends can be less wide to keep it sleek and neat.

23. Pottery Barn Style L Desk

Pottery Barn Style L Desk

This rustic and beautiful pottery barn DIY L-shaped desk is quite an expensive one when you buy from stores. Now you are in the DIY idea, this is most affordable with a spacious working desk for use as a craft desk by creating a shared space.

24. Unique and Simple Gaming Desk

Unique and Simple Gaming Desk

This gaming L desk can be prepared with a medium-wide L desktop to hold onto the keyboard and mouse pad on one side. One edge can be finished with a line of drawers as a leg, and you can attach metal legs with screws and brackets on the other side.

25. Farmhouse Corner Computer Desk

Farmhouse Corner Computer Desk

This corner L desk for a farmhouse has a unique design carved. The wooden work desk is attached to the carved and cut legs on the edges and middle of the L desk.

26. Recycled L Desk

Recycled L Desk

This DIY L-shaped desk is another sleek desk with a modern touch. Recycled wooden boards are attached with a sturdy metal frame to have industrial aesthetics.

27. Simple and Classic L Desk

Simple and Classic L Desk

This L desk is a simple way to create, but the look you create will be classic. The live edge wooden desk board is prepared and stained or painted. After that, you can attach the board to the beautiful wooden legs to finish the look.

28. DIY L Shaped Desk With A Keyboard Tray

DIY L Shaped Desk With A Keyboard Tray

This DIY L desk is similar to any design you want to create. Additionally, you can prepare the keyboard board and attach it with horizontal sliding grooves below the desk and attach the board with the brackets to glide smoothly.

29. Sleek L Desk for A Bedroom

Sleek L Desk for A Bedroom

This beautifully designed L desk is easy to complete. By giving the desired width on any one side of your L desk to keep it unique and beautiful.

30. Marble with A Modern L Desk

Marble with A Modern L Desk

This modern and more functional DIY L-shaped desk can be used for any room in your house, even for the kitchen. Because of the marble working top, this is a versatile option for use. Attach the already-cut marble top to the wooden legs or sturdy metal legs to give your room a unique makeover.

Basic Guide for Creating A DIY L-Shaped Desk

Basic Guide for Creating A DIY L-Shaped Desk .png

Before going inside the ideas to create a suitable L-shaped desk for your house or office, learn to build the basic L-shaped desk. These step-by-step explanations can take you from beginner to expert level in DIY L-shaped desk making. Here we start,

Step – 1

Step - 1

Right at the beginning, the most important thing is to carry out all the necessary tools and materials for building your desk. Such as,

Step – 2

Step - 2 .jpg

A well-planned project can be considered half-done. So, plan your desired size and design well. Measuring the place where you are planning the DIY L-shaped desk should be done accurately. For a perfect and comfortable workspace, consider the height, depth, and width properly. Take your time to measure and have the values at the end, as this is the crucial step for the desk fixing.

Step – 3

Step - 3

Now, you can proceed with the measurements by cutting the wood or the laminate panel to give the top functional board and the legs your desired size. You can cut them by yourself with a saw or get assistance from a local hardware store.

Step – 4

Step - 4

The next step is assembling the parts of the desk. Use the L-shaped brackets and screws to attach the legs to the top of the desk. The stability and durability of your desk rely on this procedure, so make sure to do it correctly. For additional strength, use wood glue to connect the parts with more care.

Step- 5

Step- 5

To create the polished final finish, remove the excessive rough edges by sandpapering and smoothing. Are you planning any colorful desks? Then, apply it by following the manufacturer’s guide. Similarly, you can use the stain also, but let it dry for a sufficient time before proceeding.

Step – 6

Step - 6

This step is for those who want to attach some storage shelves. If you don’t want to, you can skip this part. Now, you can securely attach the drawers, shelves, or cabinets of your choice to the desk frame. In this way, you can get ample space for your office storage.

Step – 7

Step - 7

Look at your completed DIY L-shaped desk; isn’t it gorgeous with your personal touch? Now, you can place the desk at your decided place where you want to have it. Organize all your working files and supplies with a little bit of decoration to suit your taste.


The L desks are created to have the convenience of utilizing the space, which is most often left untouched. By choosing this DIY L-shaped desk creation into your hand, you are definitely going to be the one with a grand success. Where are you planning to use your L desk? That’s more important in deciding the design.

There are many options with a wide design available for you to take guidance from, like a rustic farmhouse design, mini desks to occupy the little corners, long office work desks, or giving a unique touch to create a marble top L desk.

The basic procedure to create an L-shaped desk is the same. You can follow the instructions from beginning to end to create your masterpiece. We hope this article has all the details you might need for your creation, and let us know about your experience with this in the comments!

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