23 stunning dining table transformations: see the incredible before and after photos 23 stunning dining table transformations: see the incredible before and after photos

Top 23 Satisfying Dining Table Makeover (Before and After)

Are you looking for the next stunning makeover project that will elevate the look and feel of your home? A good, mind-blowing dining table makeover might just be the thing you need to meet your makeover fantasies. Whether it’s a simple painted dining table before and after image or just adding new elements to an existing dining table, the feeling of gratification is unmatched. If you hate how your dining table sits in the living room, dining room, or kitchen, you can have a complete overhaul of your dining table.

First, it’s important to know what you want before you get started. Browse through the collection of beautifully painted dining tables before and after and then before choosing one that resonates with you the most. Let’s give you a quick rundown of some of the best dining table makeover ideas before and after so you can pin down the one that works for you.

Here are 25 awesome dining table makeover ideas for you.

1. Black Dining Table

Comparison photos showcasing the stunning makeover of a black dining table

Love the exuberance and chic style quotient that an all-black dining table delivers? A good black dining table can act as the perfect centerpiece for your home. It becomes more than just a dining table. It becomes the focal point where friends, family, and guests scoot over, have delicious meals, and talk about life. You can buy a basic dining table off Craigslist or garage sale. All you need to do is clean it up well, sand it down, and then put in a layer of paint, and you are good to go. Ensure you add in a good sealant to make the paint last long.

2. Tile Stenciled Table

 A table with a stenciled tile design, adding a decorative touch to the surface

Tiled tables are back in fashion and how. You can now elevate your existing tiled table with a much more in-trend aesthetic. For this, you can either break down the previous tiled section of the table. Or you can just paint over it and create a stenciled drawing on the tiled section to ramp up the look and feel of the table. Your table is bound to look as good as new, completely fresh, and the center point of your home. It is sure to grab some eyeballs!

3. General Stenciled Tabletop

A stenciled tabletop with a pattern of geometric shapes in black and white

If you don’t want to put in too much work but wish to completely revamp how your dining table looks, then a stenciled table makeover is an excellent option. For this, you can choose a good stencil design and get started on either painting them by brush or spray painting them. Once the top of the table is done well, it’s time to get working on the table legs. For this, it is important to ensure that your table legs are sanded down, water-sealed, and then painted well. Between each step, ensure the drying stage is done with patience so the table lasts longer.

4. Cerused Dining Table Top

Cerused oval dining table with wooden top and base

The two-toned wood table looks have been in trend for decades. It gives home the perfect homely vibe, considering the fact that this design has been quite the rage of dining tables for years now. This is why you can choose to undertake a makeover using the cerusing technique. Simply choose a secondhand good oak table that has the typical wood grain look that contrasts against the natural base. Cerused tables are the perfect way to take something simple and nice and turn it into something beautiful and stunning with a modern touch.

5. Zinc Table Top

A restaurant with wooden floors and chairs, featuring a zinc table top for a touch of elegance

If you are in those crazy years of your life when you have young kids around, then chaos is natural. Having wood tables or stunning delicate tables can thus be a nightmare. Try our zinc table top, as it is a great idea to protect your table from all those kids’ projects while also choosing to have a very contemporary and modern vibe to your place. You can add a zinc table top to your existing table or one that you thrifted. However, do note that this project may take experienced professionals to help you along the way. But it is a way of making your table sustainable even when the table is in a pathetic condition. Color the legs of the table in a unique color, and you are good to go.

6. Money Table

A table displaying different currencies and their corresponding values

The name itself might have intrigued you; imagine the attention this table might get. This is a unique tabletop idea that will look modern, geometric, and really soothing to the eyes. Make the best use of creativity and set up chrome coins or any other coins as your tabletop. You can then pour in epoxy on top to secure it all in place and have a seamless finish. Here, you can get creative with coin color graduation to make the most of your money table. Epoxy is a great material for table tops as it lasts long and is very sustainable at home.

7. Mosaic Table Top

A mosaic table top with a potted plant, showcasing a beautiful blend of blue and white colors

Does your home not have the Greek vibe you have been wanting for so long? It all starts somewhere, doesn’t it? You can choose to opt for mosaic table tops as a way of getting that rustic, classic Greek vibe in your home. For this, the first step is a lot of fun. It involves breaking various old broken dishes. Once done, you can either randomly place these on the table and fill it up with cement. Or you can opt for piecing it together as per the original design to give it a very artsy vibe. Here, you can play around with color elements to make it even prettier.

8. Transform the Dated Tile Patio Table

enovated deck with a stylish table set and chairs, transforming the dated tile patio table

Patio tables are often the most overlooked piece of furniture at home. Ironically, they undergo the most wear and tear outside and need care. If you are looking to change up your patio table from an old, dated tiled look into something new, choose fun color accents. You can replace them with new tiles so that there is a complete look overhaul, and it will last longer. You can choose blue and green color accents and match the table legs and the chair legs to make the perfect outdoorsy set-up.

9. Color Change

A vibrant flower transitioning from bright red to soft pink, symbolizing growth and transformation

Are you not looking at making big investments in your painted table makeover before and after the project? All you need to do is simply revamp the legs and the edges of the table using paint, and you are good to go. All it takes is a simple change to completely transform your table’s look and feel. If you feel like you have a good, salvageable table top, then all you need to do is opt for changing up the legs. Use sandpaper to first sand down the edge and the legs of the table well. Follow this up with choosing a paint of your choice and coloring the same. Having bright-colored table legs is in trend now, and it’s an option you can explore if you want to go for something more vibrant and colorful. You can also try strip colors for a unique look and feel.

10. Revamp Your Dining Room Table Set

A stylish dining room with green chairs and a white table. Enhance your dining experience with a revamped table set

Are you confused about what part of your home needs a personality makeover? Start with the dining table set. It is a big part of your home and has the potential to bring out obvious changes in how your home looks and feels. Start by picking out what kind of color-pop you would like to go for. Simple yellow paint from Dixie Belle can be a super makeover option that will make your tabletop super stunning. Coat the table tops with a dark-colored wood stain paint. And follow this up by painting the legs and the corner rims with a bold yellow color. This adds a touch of personality and brightness to your home.

11. Stripes for The Win

A table with vibrant striped legs and a matching chair. A perfect combination of colors and patterns

You can opt for making lateral stripes on the table edges, which is where most damage tends to occur. For this, you need to pick two tones that complement one another, such as grey and blue. Then, paint the edges in a patterned manner, for example, a grey color on the legs of the table and a greenish teal strip on the table edge, while you retain the top of the table as it was.

12. Refurbish Old French Table

A white table before and after refurbishment, showcasing the transformation of an old French table

The charm and beauty of an old-school French provincial table are unmatched. This is why you can bring in either an old thrifted French table or, if you have an existing one, remodel it. Start by sanding down the table until you reach the old wood skeleton of the table. Make sure you handle the curves and arches of these tables well. A good sanding job is critical to the makeover of an old-school French provincial table. Once done, you can either use cool laminate on top or retain the beauty of the existing by using good stain repaint. A complete paint job is also an option you can explore.

13. Table Top Laminate Makeover

Table Top Laminate Makeover: A stunning transformation of a table top with a new laminate finish, enhancing its appearance and durability

Are you looking to say goodbye to those old, worn-down laminates that are making your home look worn down and pathetic? Try giving your home the much-needed painted table makeover before and after by using a new laminate. You will be surprised at the drastic change in look and feel you experience just by changing up your tabletop laminate. More often than not, the table foundation and skeleton are in a pristine condition. It is always the corners and tops that start to wear out. For this, a new and shiny laminate can give your home the overhaul it deserves. You can choose simple, classy laminates or those that mimic old teak-stained wood to give your table a luxurious look and feel.

14. Farmhouse Dining Table Makeover

Farmhouse dining table with a rustic makeover. Distressed finish and vintage charm. Perfect for cozy family meals

Opt for Design, Dining, and Diapers’s dining table makeover that gives your home the classy, chic aesthetic you have been vying for. In this makeover, you need to sand down the table top and use dark stained wood makeover. For this, you can choose from any good quality dark-stained wood and give it a good coat or two. Replicate this on your chair seats, too. Follow this up by painting down the rims and the chair legs, plus the table legs in a good white color. This type of farmhouse table looks perfect with a farmhouse-style decor aesthetic you wish to go for.

15. Concrete Table Top

A concrete patio table with wicker chairs and a lantern, featuring a sturdy concrete table top

The concrete table top is more of a trendy design aesthetic that is actually quite cheap to accomplish, looks stunning, and is perfect for your home. If you are looking for a table makeover on a budget, there is a lot you can do with concrete table tops. This is the perfect industrial look for your home that can transform your house into a home with some personality and charm. All you need to do is say goodbye to those old wooden table tops and replace them with simple concrete table tops. The only thing is, your table will get much heavier, but the look is totally worth it.

16. Go Raw

Before and after photos of a dining room table transformation, showcasing the 'Go Raw' concept

Home decor enthusiasts, interior decorators, professionals, and homeowners are all leaning toward the raw decor aesthetic vibe. You can opt for the much-needed raw vibe aesthetic that gives your dining area a revamp on a budget. Here, you can choose your very own table or buy a thrifted table from any thrift store or garage sale. Follow this up with a good sanding job to uncover the natural wood at the bottom of it all. That’s it! You can either leave this job as it is, or you can choose to add a sealant for protection. The only condition for this makeover is having a table that is made up of good-quality wood. The raw look is truly a vibe.

17. Whitewashed Table Makeover

A whitewashed farmhouse table surrounded by black chairs, complemented by a clock

Good old rustic tables can sometimes be unsalvageable because of the damage. If you don’t like doing ‘coverup’ jobs for your table, you can go for something simpler and subtle. For instance, opt for a good whitewash job over your table. You can do the same for your chairs, too. This is the perfect painted table makeover before and after you can choose from. The white aesthetic is hard to go wrong with; it compliments traditional, modern, industrial, and raw aesthetics like no other. Plus, it is quite simple to do and comparatively cheaper than some expensive makeover projects.

18. Half Moon Table Makeover

A refurbished half moon table with a fresh look and enhanced appeal.

Want to add an aesthetic piece of decor to your home? You can choose to have a half-moon table decor idea for your home. You can either cut your existing table in half and set up new legs for it or just thrift a half table from any online thrift. In order to change it up, just bring in a stunning paint color and paint it down to glory. This piece by itself is beautiful to look at; add to that a good paint color that can add much-needed personality to this table.

19. Distress Farmhouse Vibe

A distressed farmhouse-style dining room set with a table and chairs, exuding rustic charm

For those looking to change up the vibe of your dining area a bit, this design aesthetic is a good option. Choose any table you can find from a local or online thrift store. Once you finish cleaning it up, you can add some design brilliance to it by using a coat of dark-stained wood paint. Follow this up by distressing it to give it the ideal distressed look and feel.

20. Amp up The Legs

Table with blue top and two legs. Amp up the legs.

When you feel confused about what changes you can make to your home, try changing up the legs a bit. Sometimes, the smallest change can make all the difference. You can order a new set of table legs from amazon.com or from any hardware store. Replace those old, worn-out wooden legs and add a new set of legs to your table. You can even change up the chairs for a completely fresh look.

21. Replace the Tabletop

Before and after photos of a dining table with a replaced tabletop

Suppose you aren’t a DIY enthusiast and are still looking for a cheap and effective way to revamp your table; opt for a change in the tabletop. A good tabletop can go a long way in giving your home the overhaul it deserves. You can just replace your tabletop with a new one or buy one from any thrift store. Something as simple as a plain laminate can also make a big change in the look.

22. Decoupage Table Makeover

A decoupage coffee table crafted from newspaper, showcasing a unique and artistic makeover

Decoupage is a type of work that includes cutting out any type of paper or fabric and gluing it together. This could include pictures or any other paper cuttings, etc. This is all tied together using a varnish layer to make it look stunning. This could mean your tabletop has more personality, tells a story, and will get the cool aesthetic you deserve.

23. Side Table Makeover

Witness the remarkable makeover of a side table, from its original state to a stunning new look

If you have a spare table lying around or have been yearning for a new side table, this is the perfect option for you. You can revamp your existing wood and make it into a new table. This is your cue to always save up any reclaimed wood or spare wood from other DIY projects. This is perfect as it adds a natural distressed look.


Not looking at making big investments in your painted table makeover before and after the project? Revamping old tables can be quite tricky because you want to maintain the rustic, old-world charm of the table but prevent it from looking boring and outdated. This is why these simple tricks and ideas are a great way of changing up the look of your table without investing much or buying a new table!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Modernize an Old Dining Table?

You can undertake a simple paint job after sanding down your table and protect the wood with a sealant. This gives your table a brand-new look, maintains decor aesthetics, and saves you money, too!

Can the Dining Table Be Painted?

Yes, you can paint varnished wood or MDF wood. In fact, even laminates can be painted over as long as you sand down your table and use a good primer. This acts as a good base for the paint to adhere to.

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