20 Ingenious DIY Cinder Block Garden Ideas

A cinder block garden bed is sturdy and visually striking and shall elevate your green space if these creative and functional structures are placed smartly. Regarding DIY projects, the creativity of those with green fingers knows no bounds.

Cinder blocks have carved their unique niche as an unexpected yet versatile medium for crafting gardens combining functionality and aesthetics. These seemingly common and unassuming building blocks can be transformed into stunning vertical planters and can even be fashioned into elegant garden furniture. As you embark on this journey through innovative landscaping solutions, you will witness the seamless fusion of urban charm and natural beauty.

Here are 20 ways in which these gray, seemingly boring cinder blocks can be reimagined into art that will act as focal points for gardening enthusiasts and DIY aficionados alike.

1. Cinder Block Plant Corner

Cinder Block Plant Corner

A Cinder block garden bed in the corner of your yard can transform a boring space into something exciting. Bright and beautiful colors of the flowers in the corner of your yard will enhance the visual appeal of the space and make it look interesting. Allow the rough texture to come forward, and paint the planters using a bright shade to attract visitors’ attention.

2. Cinder Block Garden Bench

Cinder Block Garden Bench

A garden bench made with cinder blocks is the perfect outdoor comfort accessory. While it complements the rest of the planters made with cinder blocks, it will also prove to be a cost-effective piece of furniture that needs minimum maintenance. You can even grow plants in the blocks that have been used to construct the bench and place pots of flowers on the arm of the bench. This will be a unique floral feature in your garden.

3. Raised Cinder Block Garden Bed

Raised Cinder Block Garden Bed

A raised garden is a very practical idea to maintain the health of plants. A raised cinder block garden bed protects plants from deterioration because of water logging and provides them with a better growing space. Cinder blocks are durable, easily available, and inexpensive, with a long lifespan. Therefore, your plants will stay safe and look beautiful in a raised garden bed.

4. Low Cinder Block Garden Bed

Low Cinder Block Garden Bed

You can have a dedicated area for your plants by making a small cinder block garden bed with these gray-colored blocks around it. You can have your private green patch in your small backyard by growing palm trees, fruit trees, and low-lying shrubs for maximum greenery and some visual interest.

5. Cinder Block Garden Borders

Cinder Block Garden Borders

Having a cinder block border can allow you to keep the green space clean and is a creative way to restrict a dedicated space for your plants. You can paint these blocks to make your space appear more colorful and experiment with designs and patterns. These borders will perform two functions. First, it is the demarcation of boundaries, and second, it can also be used as a substitute for conventional pots.

6. Cinder Block Flowerpots

Cinder Block Flowerpots

Place your cinder blocks vertically on the floor and put some potting soil in it. Once you have filled the block with soil, sow your seed in the block and water it continuously. Your cinder block flowerpot is ready and can be placed anywhere in your garden. You can even prepare a row of cinder blocks and grow plants in them.

7. Cinder Block Planters

Cinder Block Planters

Another interesting way of using cinder blocks as pots is to stack them. To do so, make sure that you place a solid base at the bottom of the block so as to make a pot out of it. Prepare all your pots and sow your seeds in them. Once your blocks are ready, stack them on top of each other in an orderly fashion to make them visually appealing. If placed side by side, you will have an elevated and compact cinder block garden bed.

8. Cinder Block Planters for Succulents

Cinder Block Planters for Succulents

Succulent plants thrive in dry weather dry soils and bring in good fortune. Make a vertical planter using cinder blocks and plant your succulents in them for better aesthetic appeal and to attract luck and well wishes. A cinder block is particularly good for maintaining the alkalinity of the soil; therefore, your succulents will grow beautifully in these planters.

9. Cinder Block Grass Table Runner

Cinder Block Grass Table Runner

Although cinder black adds immensely to the beauty of your outdoor green spaces, you can use the same beautiful accessories indoors as well. For instance, you can place these planters with fully bloomed flowers on the table to decorate your interiors and add some freshness to your room.

10. Cinder Block Garden Fire Pit

Cinder Block Garden Fire Pit

A cinder block fire pit in the garden is the ideal place to unwind after a long working week. Having one in your yard, you will be lending your space a rustic touch. To make the area look lovely, place flower-filled cinder block pots along the pit’s perimeter.

11. Cinder Block Privacy Wall

Cinder Block Privacy Wall

Privacy walls can add some height to your backyard, and by making one with cinder blocks, you will add another beautiful feature to your house. By making a wall with gaps in it and placing pots in it strategically, you will have a vertical garden in your backyard, but not necessarily against a wall. It will be a freestanding modern feature in the garden and a unique way to mark a private space for yourself.

12. Cinder Block Garden Stairs

Cinder Block Garden Stairs

Having stairs in the garden enhances the overall appearance of the entire space. By placing flowerpots made of cinder blocks on stairs made out of cinder blocks, you will be coming up with a design that is visually coherent as the texture will be uniform. You can paint the blocks according to your wish so that they match the exterior color of the house.

13. Outdoor Cinder Block Kitchen Garden

Outdoor Cinder Block Kitchen Garden

A kitchen garden made out of cinder blocks is ideal as it will keep it apart from the rest of the plants, and you will have an edible cinder block garden bed. You can maintain the alkalinity of the kitchen garden without altering the alkaline levels of the rest of your garden; you can spray insecticides accordingly and even leave it fallow for some time so that the soil can rejuvenate for better plant growth.

14. Wavey Cinder Block Garden Bed and Borders

Wavey Cinder Block Garden Bed and Borders

Instead of opting for straight lines, you can create some interest by placing cinder blocks in a wavy manner. This will allow you to arrange plants in a different manner as opposed to the typical blocks of green patches. To make it more attractive, install small lights to highlight the color of the plants and the unique shapes and textures of leaves. A small cinder block garden bed can also be made in such designated areas where you can grow flowers or trees and place accessories like a garden bench or a ceramic vase.

15. Cinder Block Retaining Wall

Cinder Block Retaining Wall

Having a retaining wall made of cinder blocks will help you to hold back water and earth. This functional feature will prevent erosion and can be used as a base for small planters, again made out of cinder blocks, and will simultaneously add more color to your landscape.

16. Cinder Block Potting Station

Cinder Block Potting Station

Although a potting bench sounds rustic, a neatly assembled and intricately painted potting station in your backyard can be a focal point. Place 3 cinder blocks on each side, with 2 standing upright vertically and 1 stacked horizontally on either side. Place a wooden plank on the pillars, and your cinder block plant bench is ready. You can store all your tools in this space and store your manure and other gardening accessories to keep everything sorted.

17. Cinder Block Garden Fence

Cinder Block Garden Fence

A garden fence made out of cinder blocks is an attractive feature to have. You can make a fence out of cinder blocks that is at least 10 inches broad so that you can place 3 cinder block pots on top of them. This way, you will have a bright floral set of pots on the boundary wall. You can make a straight boundary wall or a wavy one to create some fun.

18. Vertical Cinder Block Garden Bed

Vertical Cinder Block Garden Bed

Vertical garden walls are the new thing in the urban landscape. By installing small shelves on walls and placing small cinder block plants on these shelves, you will be creating your vertical garden. This is ideal for those who do not have enough floor space to grow plants but want some greenery in their houses.

19. Cinder Block Garden Walls

Cinder Block Garden Walls

If you wish to have a beautiful green lawn and do not wish to interrupt its vastness by placing pots here and there, make a cinder block garden bed on the walls. You will be using the boundary walls of your house and not turning one but three walls of your backyard into vertical gardens. You can either stack pots on top of one another or place pots of plants on shelves. If you wish to distract a person from the grayness of cinder blocks, feel free to plant creepers in these pots and other floral plants.

20. Scattered Cinder Block Planters

Scattered Cinder Block Planters

For those who want to add pops of color to their gardens, consider placing not more than two cinder block planters side by side. Paint these cinder blocks with bright hues, plant flowers with some height for an enhanced dramatic effect, and place them in different corners for visual interest. Make sure that you are placing at least 3 cinder block planters next to each other so that they look like flower beds.


In the realm of creative DIY projects, a cinder block garden bed in your backyard is the latest beautiful addition that you can have. These 20-cutting edge cinder block garden ideas and designs demonstrate endless possibilities when paired with unique plants and garden accessories.

From vertical planters that maximize space to sleek garden benches that redefine outdoor seating, these blocks will allow you to break with conventional ideas to yield functional and aesthetic marvels.

Whether it is a cascading herb garden or a charming, raised floral cinder block garden bed, these blocks can prove their worth in transforming spaces with their structural prowess. If you have these beautiful accessories in your garden already, share your photos with us in the comments section.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do Cinder Blocks Last?

Cinder blocks can last for long periods as they can tolerate extreme temperatures and do not rot, warp, or grow mold. They have a lifespan of up to 100 years and can uphold structural integrity effectively.

Are Cinder Blocks Cheap?

Yes. The price of one cinder block ranges between $1 to $3; therefore, your cinder block garden bed turns out to be very cheap. However, they will cost more if you want to customize them. For instance, waterproofing and getting them cut according to your requirements will be charged extra.

How Are Cinder Blocks Different from Concrete Blocks or Bricks?

Concrete bricks are stronger and last longer than cinder blocks. While you can use concrete bricks to make and support proper structures, cinder blocks are used to make garden walls or project walls.

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