20 outdoor bar plans with roof 20 outdoor bar plans with roof

20 Outdoor Bar Plans with Roof Ideas

Are you looking for simple and practical outdoor bar plans with a roof? We’ve got easy-to-follow outdoor bar plans with roofs perfect for your backyard. Think of having your own outdoor bar space to relax and enjoy a refreshing drink with friends and family. These plans are designed to be easy and user-friendly.

With these outdoor bar plans, you can create a shaded and comfortable spot in your garden or patio. Whether you want a basic design or something a bit more creative, we have a variety of options to choose from.

We’ll provide step-by-step instructions and materials lists to make your project simple. Our outdoor bar plans with roofs offer practicality without making any unnecessary things.

So, change your outdoor space into a welcoming and enjoyable area for all your outdoors.

Let’s start building your outdoor bar.

1. Use Recycled Stools Instead

Use Recycled Stools Instead

One cool way to make your outdoor bar area more interesting is by using old bar stools in a creative way. Upcycling means giving new life to old things, and it can make your outdoor bar with a roof look trendy. You can make old stools look fresh by painting them, changing the cushions, or even turning wooden crates or barrels into unique seats for your bar.

Upcycled bar stools not only make your space look but also help the environment. So, when planning your outdoor bar area with a roof, try using upcycled bar stools to add some mode and be eco-friendly.

2. Skip the Tall Chairs

Skip the Tall Chairs .jpg

Instead of using regular bar stools, you can get creative with your outdoor bar plans with a roof. Rather than using chairs, think about using comfy cushions, poufs, or even hanging hammocks. This unique seating arrangement makes your outdoor space feel relaxed and casual. Your guests can sit back and enjoy their drinks in the beautiful outdoor setting. By skipping the usual bar stools, you’ll give your space a breath of fresh air and create a bohemian atmosphere that will impress everyone.

Additionally, these alternative seating options can be easily customized to match your outdoor decor and personal style. You can choose cushions and poufs in lively colors and patterns to add a pop of personality to your outdoor bar area.

3. Add Bohemian Style

Add Bohemian Style

Get creative with some fun and colorful decorations to give your outdoor bar a cool Bohemian (Boho) style. Think about adding tapestries, pillows with bright patterns, and colorful rugs that make you dream of far-off places.

Hang up some macrame lanterns that always stay in trend. Boho is all about being free-spirited, so don’t be afraid to mix and match different textures and materials, like soft woven fabrics and weathered wood. This mix will make your outdoor bar feel carefree, just like the Bohemian pattern. And if you’re planning to build an outdoor bar with a roof, you can still bring in these Boho vibes.

4. Put in Foldable Windows

Put in Foldable Windows

Adding accordion windows to your outdoor bar plans with the roof can be a big improvement. They can make your indoor and outdoor areas blend together smoothly. These accordion windows are flexible because they can easily open and close. On nice sunny days, you can enjoy the outdoor feel and the sunlight. But they’re useful in bad weather, too. When it gets cold or rainy, you can quickly close the accordion windows to keep the bad weather out.

This makes your outdoor bar a place you can use all year round, no matter what the weather is like. Furthermore, foldable windows also improve the aesthetics of your outdoor bar. They provide a modern look that can boost the overall environment of the space.

If you’re hosting a casual gathering or a special event, these windows can create a more inviting and stylish atmosphere for your guests to enjoy.

5. Add Colorful High Chairs

Add Colorful High Chairs .jpg

To add a lively and fun vibe to your outdoor bar plans with a roof, think about using colorful bar stools. These bright colors, like turquoise, coral, or lemon yellow, can quickly make the place feel more exciting and cheerful. If you like metal, plastic, or wooden stools, using these colorful options will give your outdoor space a unique and lively feel.

To make it all look great together, make sure the stool colors match the other decorations you have. This way, your outdoor bar will have a fun and stunning way. Additionally, consider mixing and matching different chair styles and colors to create an active atmosphere. Don’t be afraid to experiment with patterns and textures in your seating choices.

Cushions and seat covers in modern colors can add extra comfort and style to your outdoor bar area, making it an inviting space for your guests to enjoy.

6. Install Extra Seating Peninsula

Install Extra Seating Peninsula

Turn your outdoor bar into a comfy and welcoming hangout by adding a Peninsula Seating area. This special feature lets you make a cool and useful spot where family and people can gather. Think about a long, trendy counter coming out from your outdoor bar, giving lots of seats on one side. It’s best for enjoying drinks, snacks, or even a casual meal while relaxing the outdoor vibes.

Peninsula seating gives a relaxed and friendly feel, making it easier for everyone to chat and have a good time together. You can pick from different materials like wood, stone, or concrete to match your outdoor bar’s style. Think about comfy bar stools or benches to finish the look, so your guests can just chill and unwind.

7. Add a Fire Pit Area

Add a Fire Pit Area

Make your outdoor bar awesome with a cool fire pit. It doesn’t just keep you warm. It also makes your outdoor space look amazing. Your pals are sitting around the fire pit on chilly nights, watching the flames flicker and enjoying marshmallows. It’s like a real campfire. You’ve got choices when it comes to picking the perfect fire pit. There are wood-burning ones for a classic feel, or you can go for gas-powered ones if you want it easy and clean.

It’s up to you, and it should match how your outdoor bar looks. So, if you want that traditional campfire vibe, get a wood-burning fire pit. But if you like things simple and tidy, go for a gas-powered one.

And if you’re thinking about outdoor bar plans with a roof, these fire pits can fit right in.

8. Roofed Outdoor Bar Space

Roofed Outdoor Bar Space

The outdoor bar area adds a roofed pergola. This lovely overhead structure not only gives you shade from the hot sun but also makes your outdoor space look nicer. You can decorate the pergola with hanging curtains, pretty vines, or glittering fairy lights to make it even more wonderful.

Plus, you can customize the pergola to match your outdoor bar’s style, creating a beautiful and coordinated look. Not only does it look good, but it also serves a practical purpose by defining your outdoor space and keeping you and your guests dry when the weather is doubtful. To make it unique, try hanging plants or cool outdoor art on your pergola.

This makes it a special centerpiece in your outdoor oasis. Enjoy the benefits of a pergola with a roof in your outdoor bar plans, and make it the star of your outdoor bar experience.

9. Hang Lights for Evening

Hang Lights for Evening .jpeg

Create a magical feeling at your outdoor bar with string lights. Hang these lights on trees, pergolas, or along the fence to make your outdoor bar area inviting. String lights are not just practical; they also add a touch of romance.

You can pick LED string lights for energy-saving and long-lasting options. They come in different patterns, from plain white to colorful and fun. String lights are the best way to make your outdoor bar plans with a roof enjoyable late into the night.

10. Modern White Bar with Roof

Modern White Bar with Roof

For a fresh and modern look, think about an all-white outdoor bar with a roof. This design fits well in any outdoor area and gives off a clean and contemporary vibe. White bars create a bright and classic atmosphere that’s great for both relaxed and fancier events.

Adding a roof to your outdoor bar not only makes it look better but also helps on sunny days by giving shade. Plus, you can hang lights or plants from the roof, which makes it even cooler. This mix of modern way and usefulness ensures your outdoor bar plans with the roof are a stylish and inviting spot all year long.

11. Backyard Shed Bars

Backyard Shed Bars

Picture having your own little spot right in your backyard. It’s a peaceful place where you can relax and enjoy the fresh air with your friends. Backyard shed bars are perfect for outdoor fun. They’re small but structures designed for entertaining. These shed bars have a simple yet stylish bar counter, comfy seating, and smart storage for your drinks and glasses.

They’re all about making your outdoor space a friendly and relaxing place for get-togethers. Plus, they come with a roof to keep you shaded. So, if you’re looking for outdoor bar plans with a roof, these backyard shed bars are a big choice.

12. Small Shed for Fun

Small Shed for Fun

A small shed for entertaining is a fantastic blend of usefulness and fashion. These sheds are typically compact and perfect for tight spaces, yet they offer enough room for your bar essentials. Their small size allows you to maximize your outdoor area without taking up your entire backyard. Inside, you can store a mini fridge, a bar sink, and space for your glasses and bottles.

Some designs even include a fold-down counter for serving, making your space even more practical. It’s a perfect spot for casual or a peaceful night under the stars with your outdoor bar plans on a roof.

13. Make it Tiny

Make it Tiny

The Make it the Mini idea is all about downsizing without sacrificing performance. These small bars are designed to fit perfectly in your outdoor space, giving you everything you need to create your favorite drinks.

Don’t worry about having fewer choices just because it’s compact. You can customize your mini-bar with different manners, materials, and setups to match your preferences. This clever design means that even the tiniest outdoor areas can become a great place to enjoy. Plus, you can find outdoor bar plans with roof for added convenience.

14. Create a Separate Area

Create a Separate Area

Backyard shed bars aren’t just about drinks. They’re about making a little space in your backyard where you can escape from the busy daily life. These bars give you a special spot to relax away from indoor distractions. With an outdoor bar plan with a roof, you can step into your own peaceful place. It’s where you can see nature while sipping your favorite drinks. And it adds a nice touch to your outdoor setup.

15. Wooden Rolling Bar Cart

Wooden Rolling Bar Cart

To make your backyard shed bar even better, think about adding a wooden bar cart. These movable carts are super handy. You can easily wheel your drinks and things around if you’re having a barbecue on the patio or a poolside party. Wooden bar carts come in lots of patterns, from old-fashioned to modern, so you can pick one that fits your shed bar’s look.

They usually have shelves and places to keep bottles, glasses, and bar tools. Plus, they’ve got wheels, so you can take the party wherever you want. And if you’re looking for outdoor bar plans with a roof, this setup works amazing, too.

16. Outdoor Bar with Tiles

Outdoor Bar with Tiles

Outdoor bar in your backyard with a cool tile countertop. This cool addition doesn’t just make your outdoor area look better it also makes it more useful. The tile surface isn’t just pretty. It’s easy to clean, which is great for outdoor use. These outdoor bars often come with space to keep your drinks, glasses, and bar tools. You can make them fit your needs and what you like.

So, if you’re having a summer barbecue or a relaxed evening hangout, an outdoor bar with a tile countertop gives you a handy and good-looking place to serve your favorite drinks. Plus, you can find outdoor bar plans with roof if you want some extra shade.

17. Standalone Wooden Bar

Standalone Wooden Bar

A free-standing wooden bar is a flexible and classic choice for your outdoor entertainment area. Crafted from strong wood, these bars can withstand the feature while releasing a classic beauty. You can choose from various wood types, such as cedar, teak, or redwood, to match your outdoor decor. These bars typically feature ample countertop space for preparing and serving drinks, as well as storage shelves or cabinets for your bar essentials.

They can be easily moved around, allowing you to rearrange your outdoor space as needed. If you’re hosting a poolside party or a comfortable evening by the fire pit, a free-standing wooden bar is a practical and stylish addition.

18. House-Attached Bar

House-Attached Bar

For a smooth transition from inside to outside entertaining, think about adding a roofed outdoor bar to your house. This setup not only expands your indoor living area but also makes it easy to host friends and family. You can have a window or counter connecting the indoor kitchen to the outdoor bar, making serving food and drinks a breeze.

These bars can be designed to match your home’s style, creating a unified look. They often include built-in appliances like a small fridge, sink, and even a grill. With an outdoor bar attached to your house, you can enjoy indoor comforts while enjoying the beauty of the outdoors.

19. Rough Wooden Cart

Rough Wooden Cart

If you like a simple and natural bar setup for your outdoor space, consider a bar cart. These small carts are easy to move around, and they’re great for serving drinks outside. Bar carts are usually made from old wood or metal, which gives them a weathered look.

They have shelves for holding bottles, glasses, and other bar things. If you want to make cocktails by the pool or create a spot for drinks, a bar cart is a practical and warm addition to your outdoor bar plans with roof.

20. Pallet-Made Outdoor Bar

Pallet-Made Outdoor Bar

For those who want an eco-friendly and budget-friendly choice, a pallet outdoor bar is a creative option. These bars are made using reused wooden pallets, which helps reduce waste and supports sustainability.

You can personalize pallet outdoor bars with paint or stain to match your outdoor mode. They often have a simple and basic design, making them perfect for informal get-togethers.

You can also add bar stools for seating. With a pallet outdoor bar, you can enjoy a unique and environmentally friendly addition to your outdoor space. Plus, you can find outdoor bar plans with a roof if you’re looking for added protection from the feature.


If you’re looking to build an outdoor bar with a roof, you’re in the right place. These 20 outdoor bar plans with roofs are here to help you create a shady and fun space in your backyard. You can make your own outdoor bar easily by following these simple plans if it’s for a family, a barbecue with friends, or just a relaxing evening outdoors.

These plans have you covered. With these outdoor bar plans with a roof, you can enjoy the outdoors while staying protected from the sun or rain. It’s all about having a good time, and these plans make it easy. You can customize your bar to fit your style and needs without having any problems.

So, don’t wait any longer. Start building your outdoor bar with a roof and enjoy the benefits of outdoor living to the fullest!

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