outdoor bar plans with roof outdoor bar plans with roof

20 Outdoor Bar Plans with Roof

Do you have an empty space waiting to be converted into a bar?

Exploring outdoor bar plans with the roof will give you an idea of how to use that space in your backyard. Celebrations and gatherings are complete with a joyful night at the outdoor bar. Make your parties memorable with a comfortable and stylish bar set-up. Every set-up requires different furniture, space, and decor items. You can mix and match according to your taste.

Creating an outdoor bar plan does not necessarily require a garden or a backyard. An open area in the corner of your house or a gallery is enough to create an outdoor bar. The seating arrangement and table space will change according to the location. However, you can always add the best vibes to any area with robust elements.

Read ahead to learn more about the 20 outdoor bar plans with roofs and unique decor plans.

1. Wooden Grill Gazebo

Wooden Grill Gazebo

One of the best outdoor bar plans with a roof is to have a gazebo that covers the whole bar counter. This wooden grill gazebo comes with a steel roof, cook station, barbeque, and many other installations. Use the space for having lunch/dinner and set up a small bar by the side. The wooden grill gazebo can also be made as a DIY project if you are familiar with cutting and binding equipment of wood.

2. Murphy Bar

Murphy Bar

Have you gone through all the outdoor bar plans with roofs but are unable to find enough space outside your home? Then, Murphy Bar is the best option for you. It is a perfect foldable bar that takes up minimum space. You can open the table whenever you want to use it. When not in use, it acts as a storage space for all the bottles and glasses. It is a perfect outdoor bar option for spaces that lack an ample amount of open space.

3. Small Bar Table with a Unique Base

Small Bar Table with a Unique Base

This small bar table is the best option for small and intimate bar gatherings. Use the top of the table to place the bottles and glass. The storage in the bottom allows you to keep the beer and wine bottles chilled. Carry it near the swimming pool or a cozy corner. The cocktail coffee table is perfect for parties, barbeque, and picnics. Adjust the top according to your need, and use the drainage plug to clear up the cooler at the bottom.

4. Wood Bar Cart

Wood Bar Cart

Having a wood bar cart with the roof as a part of your outdoor bar plans will allow you to move the drinks easily. With multiple seating arrangements and guests scattered all over the space, this cart will reach every guest comfortably. The wooden shade gives it an authentic and raw look. You can also add a cloth cover to add a new design to the cart. Use the top surface to place the glasses and the bottom to display the bottles.

5. Outdoor Patio Bar Table

Outdoor Patio Bar Table

This outdoor patio bar table is a perfect display for every season. With a heavy-duty metal frame, it has rails for hanging the wine glasses. Simply place this table in the middle and surround it with suitable chairs. Your outdoor bar is ready to entertain your guests. You can adorn the top with a suitable decor item or some real flowers. The two storage shelves at the bottom will comfortably allow you to store any snacks and food items.

6. Wall Mounted Wood Wine Shelf

Wall Mounted Wood Wine Shelf

A wall-mounted wine shelf creates a unique visual appeal in creating an outdoor bar plan with a roof. You can either add a shelf to your bar setup and merge it with other elements. Also, having a wall-mounted wood wine shelf is enough to create an outdoor bar. It can store all the bottles and glasses needed for a celebration. Get the shelf attached near your outdoor dining area and use it whenever you need.

7. Cooler Cart for a Portable Bar

Cooler Cart for a Portable Bar

This is another rolling cooler cart that can be an amazing outdoor bar option for picnics and gatherings. You can store your bottles and pass the cart so that everyone can help themselves. Below the cooler is a space to hang the glasses for serving. As the cart moves, guests can select their glass and fill it with their choice of drink. Keep yourself free with this functional cooler cart. The outer cover is waterproof and also has a bottle opener.

8. A Bohemian-themed Bar

A Bohemian-themed Bar

Experiment with your outer space and create a funky and colorful bohemian-themed bar. This style of design experiments with texture, layers, and colors. It gives a warm and inviting look at first glance. Some of the common colors you can include in a bohemian theme are green, yellow, orange, peach, blue, mustard, and pink. You can also add natural elements like flowers, plants, or flowing water decor. Your bar will stand out from the crowd with a bohemian theme.

9. Convert Any Table into a Bar

Convert Any Table into a Bar

Are you looking for the most sustainable option to create an outdoor bar plan with a roof? See what you have in your storage. A piece of door, furniture, or an extra table. Easily convert your table into an outdoor bar by making minimum alterations. You can add color to the table or make some partitions to store the glasses and bottles. The top surface is useful for serving the drinks. After considering the structure and size of your table, see how you can shift it into a serving space.

10. Outdoor Stove with an Ice Chest

Outdoor Stove with an Ice Chest

Do you already have an outdoor stove that you use for cooking? Then, half of your outdoor bar is ready. Add an ice chest with the outdoor stove and enjoy the drinks and food together. Use the top surface of the stove to serve the food and drinks. If the surface is not large enough, add an extra table on the side to serve the drinks and food. It is the best and most cost-effective option for creating an outdoor bar without much effort.

11. Make Your Own Outdoor Bar Corner

Make Your Own Outdoor Bar Corner

Are you someone who loves to do DIY projects? Then, exploring outdoor bar plans with the roof will help you understand how you can make your corner. You can either use wood, metal, or any other material you have. Create a roof-like structure that creates a safe cover above the bar counter. To create a serving space, you can use any old structure you have in your home and re-create a bar counter.

12. Use Upcycled Stools, Decor and Roof

Use Upcycled Stools, Decor and Roof

If you are looking to create a sustainable space for your outdoor bar, choose upcycled elements. Use recycled or upcycled sitting options that save the environment and enhance the beauty of the space. Create your decor with the help of waste clothing and wooden materials. Create a roof with any metal or aluminum tin lying in the garage. Have a look at all the excessive materials in your home and creatively engage them in forming your outdoor bar.

13. Outdoor Bar Plans with Roof: Umbrella

Outdoor Bar Plans with Roof Umbrella

Of all the above options, many of them do not have a roof in it. When using a cart or a moving bar, it does not have a root structure. However, if you want a temporary roof structure, make use of an umbrella. You can add the umbrella near the seating area or attach it to the moving bar. It is the most convenient way to create a temporary roof wherever you are. Here is a wide patio umbrella for covering your whole outdoor bar.

14. Creatively Place the Buckets

Creatively Place the Buckets

Use a stand that has a cooler at the bottom and a few stands to hand buckets on the top. Place the bottles in the cooler with some ice and hand all the buckets on the top. These buckets can store extra glasses, openers, napkins, and any other accessories that might be needed. This whole structure will look like a tree of buckets and can be easily placed in any corner.

15. Convert the Vintage Door into a Bar

Convert the Vintage Door into a Bar

Your old and worn-out door can greatly help create an outdoor bar. Add a few wood mountings on the door to hold the bottles and glasses. The door can be affixed to the wall or any surface where you want the outdoor bar display. If you do not have a vintage door, you can buy one and create this beautiful and mesmerizing structure.

16. Make It Attractive with Lights and Neon Sign

Make It Attractive with Lights and Neon Sign

How does your bar look at the night time? Does it shine bright or look dull? Adding lights is the best way to keep your celebrations alive, even during the night. Add some lights and neon signs to bring joy to the outdoor bar celebrations. You can also get a customized neon sign representing your bar’s essence. Let your bar shine bright during the night as people enjoy their drinks and converse with their near and dear ones.

17. Nightstand Table with Cooling Drawers

Nightstand Table with Cooling Drawers

What about those days when you are alone and want to enjoy an outdoor drink? This nightstand table with cooling drawers is the perfect solution for such days. Have them near your outdoor seating arrangement and make it a solo celebration with the best cup of wine. Find your drinks cold with the cooling drawers. Use the top surface to place your cup, tablet, or mobile phone as you enjoy the scenic view around you.

18. A Rustic-Outdoor Bar

A Rustic-Outdoor Bar

A rustic look uses wood, stones, and other raw elements that represent nature. Add some wooden stools, rustic chairs, and some stone elements in the background to create a rustic look for your bar. If possible, try to grow natural plants around the bar that peep into the bar counter from a small corner. The combination of black and brown looks the best in a rustic theme. Use yellow lights on top of the bar counter to enhance the beauty of the space during the night.

19. Garden Shed into a Bar

Garden Shed into a Bar

Do you have a garden shed that is idle? Do not hesitate to turn it into an outdoor bar. Create a small serving window that acts as a counter to display the bottles and glasses. Place some long stools and chairs that reach the counter. Decorate the exterior with vintage watches, lights, posters, and any other element that is close to your heart. Place a light board saying ‘BAR’ at the top of the shed to highlight its purpose and attract your guests.

20. A Mini Bar with Stools to Sit

A Mini Bar with Stools to Sit

Pick an empty corner in your garden or backyard. Create a counter and roof structure for serving the drinks with any material you like. Add multiple stools near the counter for your guests to sit and enjoy the drink. The comfortable seat will allow them to enjoy the drink and converse. The countertop will be useful for placing the glass whenever it needs a break.

Are You Ready to Set up Your Outdoor Bar?

These are some unique outdoor bar plans with roofs to take inspiration from. Design a unique space that reflects your interests and style. The bar is a perfect space to chill with friends and relax on the weekends.

Whether you use the bar frequently or just occasionally, it will be worth it. Having an accessible bar in your home makes it easier for you to host gatherings.

Every bar should be designed to create a comfortable space to make a drink. Exhibiting the collection of your wines and other beverages is an important aspect of your bar table. Some individuals also like to put up their best glasses as decor in the bar set-up.

What is your idea of a perfect outdoor bar?

Delve into your fantasy and make it a reality with these ideas.

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