How to Choose The Best Outdoor Rug For Your Deck or patio How to Choose The Best Outdoor Rug For Your Deck or patio

Rug Sizes Chart: How To Choose the Best Outdoor Rug

The right rug always highlights and enhances the beauty of your deck, patios, or the outdoors of your house. But finding the best outdoor rug is a bit of a challenge as it must suit our house or the place we are keeping it.

Also, it must have various features like weather resistance, ease of cleaning and maintenance, durability, reason, and beauty.

So, in the below article or information, we are going look at the perspectives that you have to keep in mind while buying.

They will also transform your boring place and will give it a whole different look. Some of the reasons that are mentioned below will help you in finding the perfect rug for your place.

The specialty of an outdoor rug is that it can elevate functionality and aesthetics to your space.

Why Buy Outdoor Rugs?

Why Buy Outdoor Rugs?

Buying an outdoor rug is important to highlight the features outside your house. If we talk about the interior of the house, the wall paints and different types of flooring enhance the beauty of the interior of your house. But if we talk about the exterior (like the front yard or backyard) of the house, then this work is done by the outdoor rugs.

The beautiful designs of rugs add beauty to your deck or patio. They play a very important role in creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Most of the rugs available in the market are durable and made of high-quality materials. You can easily put some chairs with a table in the middle to enjoy a good day with a cup of tea/coffee and snacks.

Make a place for you that is best for relaxing on weekends after working a full long week.

Placement of Outdoor Rugs

Placement of Outdoor Rugs

Another important thing to remember while choosing the best outdoor rug for the outdoor area of the house is No matter how beautiful your outdoor rug is, if it doesn’t suit your place, then it would be better not to go for that option. If you are planning to buy it online, then ensure that you do the material and texture testing.

Test all the possible perspectives like, if the color is accurate or not, if the rug is comfortable enough or not cause some rugs to appear good but have rough surfaces, do they match the vibe of your place, and many more.

Seeing the perfect rug outside your house may help you complement the other features of the outdoors, like patio furniture, cushions, and overall design aesthetic.

Instead of making an immediate decision, be well-informed and aware of every aspect and meet all your expectations.

Rug Size Chart 

Rug Size Chart 

Choosing a proper size is very important when you are looking for a rug. Some of the common rug sizes are mentioned below.

  • 2 ft*3 ft rugs
  • 10-foot runner rugs
  • 10 ft*14 ft rugs
  • 5 ft * 8 ft rugs
  • 9 ft*12 ft rugs
  • 8 ft * 10 ft rugs

Coming on to the sizes, an outdoor rug comes in almost all shapes and colors. If you want a rug that is large and can be placed at a place with a conversation or a dining set, the area rug (comes rectangular) is an ideal choice.

If you have a long and narrow area, then runner or large rugs are for you. Circular and square-shaped rugs are also available for small places. You can even find oval rugs, which are known for their unique look.

Style and Features of Outdoor Rugs

Style and Features of Outdoor Rugs

Select those styles and features that go well with the surroundings and aesthetics of your house. You can consider the style, theme, and color of your deck or patio. Outdoor can be modern, traditional, bohemian, and many others, so the rug should blend with the style. Always pay attention to the color palette of your rug cause it chooses a color that complements and contrasts well with your deck or patio and other stuff like furniture, sofa, cushions, dining set, and many more.

Remember, no matter how beautiful the rug and the design of your rug are, if it does not go well with the outdoors of your house, then it would be better not to buy it.

Another thing you can do to match the style and features is first buy the rug and then design the outdoor one according to your rug, but this step will do nothing but make your work more complicated, so it is better not to go with this option.

Which Material is Best for Outdoor Rugs?

Which Material is Best for Outdoor Rugs?

You can find a lot of outdoor rugs made with various types of materials, but a good quality rug is made up of 3 materials: polypropylene, polyester, and some natural fibers, which we will discuss below.

  • Polypropylene is the most popular among all the 3, and the main reason is said to be their resistance power towards stains, mold, mildew, and chlorine. They are suitable not only for outdoor but also for indoor use. They can be found in high, medium, and low piles. Polypropylene is very easy to clean. If it gets dirty, then just wiping it up with a wet cloth is more than enough. 
  • Polyester is a material that is capable of withstanding sunlight, heavy rain, and foot traffic. Second most popular after polypropylene. A rug made up of high-quality polyester can prevent fading and running of color. Like polyester, they can also be suitable for both indoors and outdoors and are suitable to clean. Just spot-clean them with a mild detergent or a carpet cleaner.
  • Natural fibers like jute and sisal can add warmth and texture to the space. However, they prefer to be installed only in covered outdoor spaces. A detergent is good for cleaning them. Tip: Avoid using rugs made up of fibers like cotton for outdoor use, as they can get dirty easily and also is hard to clean. Also, they have a high chance of rotting due to fungus, so it is better to keep them inside.

Maintainance of Outdoor Rugs

Maintainance of Outdoor Rugs

Unlike indoors, an outdoor rug is exposed to many dirt, so frequent cleaning of them is really important. So, it is very crucial to choose those rugs that can be cleaned easily. Cleaning can be easy according to the type of rug you are choosing. If the rug is made up of propylene, then just wiping it with a wet cloth is the best solution. If it is made up of polyester, then just use mild detergent, and the other requires manual or machine washing frequently. You can even give them to professionals for dry cleaning.

The quality of the rug is an important step that must be performed frequently cause it gives your rug a fresh look.

Where to Buy Outdoor Rugs?


Outdoor rugs can be bought from various places online and offline. For online shopping, you can go with Amazon, Walmart, and Lowe’s Target, and for offline, you can go with many options like IKEA, a rug shop, and many more.

Though you can choose the place of buying according to your preference, buying them offline can be a great choice as you can see the quality, size, material, and many more, which are limited by many online stores. Anything you are buying online, make sure that it has good customer reviews.

Budget for Outdoor Rugs

Budget for Outdoor Rugs

Having a budget is the most important thing to make while you are buying something. You can find an outdoor rug in various ranges of processes, mostly depending upon the material, sign, brand, and design. Remember to keep quality as a priority.

Most of the customers prefer to buy the cheapest products, ignoring the quality. High-quality rugs tend to be more durable, are resistant to stains and spots, and is good if you want a rug for long-term purpose.

Having a proper budget gives you the advantage of not overspending and buying that item in the decided price range. Most of the rugs you can find are within the range of 100-200$ (sometimes 500$). Some well-known brands charge higher prices but provide quality features that you won’t regret buying.

Propylene is a material that is quite budget-friendly, has qualities like UV resistance, and can be retained easily.  So, if you want quality features within a budget, then you can go for an outdoor rug that is made up of propylene.

Influence of Climate on Purchasing Outdoor Rugs

Influence of Climate on Purchasing Outdoor Rugs .jpg

Every region has a different climate, so you must be a little considerate of it and buy those rugs that suit the weather conditions of your place. If you live in an area where it rains, and there is high humidity lot, then you prefer to buy products that can resist moisture.

Choosing a material that prevents the growth of molds and fungi on your rug. If you live in a place where there is a lot of sunlight, look for rugs that are UV resistant; UV rays can cause fading of color and damage to them over time.

Moving on to the other climatic conditions, extreme fluctuations in the area. For example, summers are extremely hot, and winters are extremely cold. In this situation, choose the rugs that can handle both heat and winters. If you frequently face winds and dust, then a rug that can be cleaned easily and is heavy enough to resist heavy wind is a good option.


Lastly, an outdoor is a versatile and stylish addition that can significantly enhance the comfort and visual appeal of your deck or patio. With the wide range of tips mentioned above, you will surely find a perfect rug that suits your place.

Make sure that the aesthetic of your place goes well with the aesthetic of the place you are planning to keep. After installing, make sure that the rug is getting all the care regularly, like cleaning, dusting, and washing.

What kind of outdoor rug do you think is good for your place? Let us know in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is an Outdoor Rug a Good Idea for a Deck?

Most of the time, outdoor rugs are used or made to be a part of decks or patios, sometimes even porches. But sometimes, as an owner, one thinks that can rug be placed on the patio without destroying them, then the answer is yes. If you are buying a rug of good quality or from a good company, then there will be no damage to your wood.

What Type of Rug is Best for a Deck?

Most of the time, the best rug depends upon the place you are choosing. Just imagine you have black furniture with an orange rug. But removing the physical features, if we talk about working features, then the best rug can be recognized with its versatility, like being weatherproof, easy to clean or maintain, and durable for longer periods.

Can You Use an Outdoor Rug on a Patio?

Yes, of course, most of the outdoor rugs are made to place on the patio. With patios, it can be added to backyards or decks. Outdoor rugs can upgrade the whole other look of your place, as they add color outside the house, make the place homey, and make you feel at home.

Why Use an Outdoor Rug?

As discussed above an outdoor rug that has good quality and belongs to a good company not only can add beauty to your space but is low maintenance and low budget and does not require any kind of extra work that you have to do when kept on the patio.

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