Where To Hang Wall Clock In Your Living Room

Time, the most precious asset, holds profound significance in every aspect of life, encompassing religion, culture, how we live, and even existence. So, time is significant in our lives. Since their discovery, wall clocks have been an integral part of our lives.

Wall clocks have been used for a long time to help us know what time it is. Wall clocks have graced our beautiful homes, fulfilling their fundamental purpose of keeping us updated with time.

The right placement of the wall clock can enhance the overall aesthetics of your place, along with serving a practical purpose. According to Vaastu, the right placement of the wall clock in the living room is the North Wall. The southern direction is not considered suitable for the purpose.

If you are wondering where to hang wall clock in living room, then this blog will guide you to the right place.

Where to Put the Wall Clock in Your Living Room?

Where to hang wall clock in living room is a complicated one to think about. Whether you are seeking inspiration to create a minimalist yet aesthetic look, we have got you covered. So, let’s start this visual and artistic journey to learn how a basic wall clock can be transformed into a piece of art that defines and changes the ambiance of your living space.

1. Above the Fireplace

Above the Fireplace

Hanging a wall clock above the fireplace is a design choice that includes elegance. If you are thinking about where to hang wall clock in living room then this design choice is timeless. This placement enhances the fireplace’s position, transforming it into a central feature of the room. The clock naturally draws one’s attention upward, directing it to a location that frequently serves as the center of gatherings, celebrations, and talks.

In traditional and rustic living rooms, this placement of the wall clock enhances the room’s warmth and aesthetic. The clock’s presence contributes to a sense of nostalgia. Complement the clock with well-chosen decorative items like photo frames, mirrors, or framed artwork, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal.

2. Placing a Clock Above the Couch or Sofa

Placing a Clock Above the Couch or Sofa

Generally, people love to place wall clocks in their living room. Even Vaastu and Feng Sui also suggest so. But where to hang wall clock in living room? When it comes to the placement of the wall clock in the living room, it should be done right above the couch or sofa.

It not only increases the visual appearance of the room but also makes it visible from all sides of the living room. This makes sure that everyone can easily check the time. But avoid using a large clock over the sofa or couch as it might overwhelm the area. Choose a clock that is proportionate to your couch.

3. Centered on an Empty Wall

Centered on an Empty Wall

Wandering where to hang wall clock in living room which has an empty wall. Let’s check out. When placed on a blank wall, a wall clock naturally becomes the focal point itself. This placement instantly works well in spaces where you want to create a bold statement without giving much effort or without using a lot of things. Choose a wall that is visible from different angles so that the clock can be admired from various points.

For this setting, the choice of clock is very crucial. It should reflect the room’s style, whether it is modern, minimalist, or eclectic. Contemporary aesthetics works best with a modern clock with clean lines, while eclectic environments look great with ornate or vintage-style clocks.

Consider adding wall-mounted shelves or tiny planters all day to increase the visual effect. These improvements not only make the display look more unified but also draw attention to the clock.

4. Placing a Wall Clock Opposite the Entrance or Doorway

Placing a Wall Clock Opposite the Entrance or Doorway

One must make sure that the wall clock is not placed right above the entrance gate or doorway as it is forbidden by Vaastu. As it intends to bring bad luck. Right across the entryway or entrance is the ideal location for a wall clock because it has the best visibility and radiates positivity. A wall clock next to a window should also be avoided.

5. Gallery Wall Ensemble

Gallery Wall Ensemble

Incorporating a wall clock in the gallery wall is a clever way to blend practicality with artistry. The clock becomes one of the dynamic elements in the collection of frames, artworks, and decoration. This idea is for those who enjoy a lively and varied living room style.

To make everything look good and well put together, you must consider the clock’s size and design. It should match the room decor and other items while standing out on its own. Make sure the clock’s color and theme go well with the rest of the pieces in the room and feel balanced and harmonious instead of a jumbled look.

6. Above a Console Table

Above a Console Table

Placing a wall clock above the console table creates a sense of symmetry and purpose in the loving room. This arrangement works especially well in modern and contemporary settings, which appreciate clear lines and harmonious compositions.

Decorate the console table with complementary elements, such as vases, candles, or sculptures, to improve the overall appearance. These things combine to make a lovely ensemble that enhances the clock’s presence. Additionally, the arrangement provides a chance to experiment with heights and proportions, which adds to the overall aesthetic harmony of the room.

7. Adjacent to a Wall of Art

Adjacent to a Wall of Art

Hanging a wall clock adjacent to a wall art adds depth to your living room. This unexpected placement creates a layered effect that captivates the eye and sparks conversation. It is a modern twist on traditional clock placement that encourages a unique placement.

To make this placement of the wall clockwork, select wall art and a clock that has a common color palette or theme. This common connection helps tie the elements together and prevents the placement from being misplaced. You’ll end up with a visually appealing and interesting arrangement that showcases your creativity as an outcome.

8. Incorporating it Into a Bookshelf

Adjacent to a Wall of Art

We wondered where to hang wall clock in living room along with the bookshelf. Integrating a wall clock into a bookshelf adds versatility to the decor piece. Placing the clock on a shelf with varying heights adds dimension. Adding a clock also breaks up the linear nature of the shelves. This offers a unique take on the traditional clock placement.

By placing it close to books, decorative items, or even small indoor plants, you can increase its impact. This positioning makes the shelf into a miniature showcase within the broad living room design, encouraging viewers to examine its subtle details.

What Does Vaastu Say About Wall Clock Shape and Type?

Regarding the wall clock shape and type, Vastu Shastra has some recommendations. These guidelines are not considered as strict rules. But if you follow these guidelines, then you will receive and promote positive energy in your space.

Here are some points related to Vastu about wall clock shape and type. 

  • Round Clocks: According to the venerable science of architecture, they are excellent. It is based on the circle of life doctrine of Hinduism. It is frequently offered in many sizes and hues and is regarded as a classic style as well. Ovals, squares, and other basic shapes are also seen as acceptable.
  • Pendulum Clocks and Antique Wall Clocks: When positioned correctly in the living room, they are said to facilitate the flow of positive energy. However, Vaastu dictates that you should stay away from other wall clock shapes.
  • Metal Clock: The north is the best direction to face a metal wall clock or a clock with grey or white tones.
  • Wooden Wall Clock: The East is the best direction for a wooden wall clock.

Different Types of Wall Clocks for Living Room

1. Dankeit Wall Clock

Dankeit Wall Clock

This Dankeit has a creative and unique design with walnut pointers, offering an elegant and generous appearance. The clock is lightweight and stable and not easily broken. This clock offers a modern style with an artistic atmosphere. It matches different home styles perfectly and serves as a scenic line on the wall and high-quality decoration.

2. DAYDAYART Modern Real Mirror Wall Clock

DAYDAYART Modern Real Mirror Wall Clock

The Daydayart modern real mirror wall clock is a large size of 24 inches (60cm) and enhances the artistic ambiance of your home. It is suitable for various spaces such as the living room, bedroom, kitchen, office, and study as well as Ideal for adding a decorative element to different areas. It is equipped with a high-quality wall clock movement for accurate timekeeping. The clock provides a completely silent environment due to its non-ticking feature, and the energy-saving design ensures prolonged battery life. The installation is simple with an attached hook for easy wall hanging.

3. BEW Metal Clock

BEW Metal Clock

The BEW Meta Clock offers a Rustic European style with silent timekeeping and offers accurate and reliable time. The clock is constructed with an excellent metal frame. It also features premium quartz movement for durability and accuracy.

4. LEIKE Decorative Black Wall Clock

LEIKE Decorative Black Wall Clock

The Leike Decorative black wall clock is a retro metal clock with a hollowed-out design. It has a solid iron frame hand-made for robustness and retro appearance. The clock s is made of high-quality materials to ensure durability. It also features a silent non-ticking quartz sweep movement. The large Roman numerals on the metal wall clock for easy visibility.

5. Large World Map Wall Clock

Large World Map Wall Clock

The wall clock features a blend of a sturdy metal frame and a fusion of natural elements with contemporary industry aesthetics. It offers a unique visual experience by combining contrasting elements. The lightweight design ensures easy installation. It is a large size of 24 inches for aesthetic decoration in multiple areas that enhance the beauty of your home or office.

6. MEISD Wall Clocks

MEISD Wall Clocks

The modern and elegant design of the MEISD Wall clock enhances various occasions’ decor. The precise quartz sweep movement ensures accurate timekeeping. It is both Sturdy and elegant. The silent, non-ticking feature eliminates annoying ticking sounds.

7. JUJUDA Large Wall Clock

JUJUDA Large Wall Clock

The JUJUDA Large Wall clock offers beautiful iron art combined with modern design. It has a classic black and white color for a stereoscopic and elegant look. It is a perfect decorative wall clock suitable for various spaces, such as living rooms. It also has a hook on the back for easy hanging. The metal frame is durable with a high-temperature lacquer finish.


The living room of a house holds a special place in the family. This is a place where the family interacts and shares moments and stories. Just like how we arrange or decorate the living room with furniture, there are also other things that need to be taken care of. One such thing is where to hang wall clock in living room. And also creating positive vibes in your living space. This is where Vaastu comes into play. They guide us in placing things in the right direction to bring positive energy.

You’re essentially inviting all of these positive feelings into your home when you hang the clock in the Vastu-recommended location. It’s like sprinkling some enthusiasm, tranquility, and prosperity into your living space.

So go ahead, choose the ideal location, and turn your wall clock into something more than just a time for your family.

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