Best decking lattice alternatives Best decking lattice alternatives

25 Best Decking Lattice Alternatives

Are you looking to upgrade your outdoor space but don’t want to deal with the hassle of traditional lattice for your deck?

We’ll show you the best decking lattice alternatives that are not only easy to install but also look great. Lattice has been a popular choice for adding privacy and style to your deck or patio for years. However, it may not be a perfect fit for everyone’s preferences.

These excellent choices are a great replacement. We’ll give you simple and practical options that anyone can use to improve their outdoor living area. We’ll talk about different materials and designs for keeping things simple and practical.

Our alternatives to traditional lattice are budget-friendly and make your deck upgrade easy, so if you’re ready to change your deck into a comfortable and private shelter without the lattice hassle.

Let’s find the best decking lattice alternatives that will make your outdoor shelter shine.

1. Solid Masonry

Solid Masonry

Want your deck to last a long time and look large outdoors? Try using strong brick or stone decking instead of the other options. These materials are tough and will make sure your deck stays strong for years. They have an old-fashioned look that makes your outdoor space look fancy.

With solid masonry decking, you get a deck that won’t break easily and will make your outdoor area look better for a long time. You won’t have to worry about your deck getting ruined, and it will make your yard look nice.

2. Wooden Style

Wooden Style

Change the regular wooden lattice for some clear options to give your deck a comfy and friendly atmosphere. These decking lattice alternatives are made from real wood and will age well, making your deck look even greater.

Enjoy the natural beauty of wood, and make your deck a lovely place to hang out. It’s perfect for relaxing or spending time with friends and family. You’ll appreciate the lasting attraction of wood.

3. Horizontal Timber


Upgrade your deck with a flat wooden grid for a modern touch. The smooth lines and simple design bring a fresh look to your outdoor space. If you want a clean and simple appearance, this choice is perfect. Instead of the usual up-and-down decoration, this lattice goes side to side, adding a trendy twist. Decking lattice alternatives make your deck look nicer and more welcoming. Choose this trendy and lasting lattice design to make your outdoor area look superior and more modern.

4. Faux Stone Covering

Faux Stone Covering

If you need something instead of lattice for your deck, Faux Stone Covering is a great pick. It looks like real stone, making your outdoor area look nice. It won’t break or lose color because it’s made from strong fake materials. It’s also easy to put up because it’s not heavy.

You can choose from different colors and textures to make it match your deck just right. So, if you want a tough and easy-to-install option for your deck, go for Faux Stone Covering.

5. Greenery Touch

Greenery Touch .png

Make your deck more beautiful by putting plants on your lattice. When vines and climbing plants grow on the lattice, they make a pretty natural wall.

These decking lattice alternatives also give you some privacy. Think about sitting on your deck with lots of green plants around you and the leaves making soft sounds in the wind. It’s like having a little garden on your deck, making it a calm place.

And you can see the seasons change as your plants grow and bloom. Your outdoor area will always look different and nice. You can turn your deck into a green place with lattice and plants.

6. Vertical Timber

Vertical Timber .jpg

Using tall wooden panels on your small deck can be a surprise. These tall timber screens create a sight of space and height. Try when you step onto your deck. It is more open and fresh, making your outdoor time even finer.

These decking lattice alternatives make your deck seem larger and more open, making it the perfect spot for relaxing and get-togethers. So, if you want to improve your outdoor area, think about adding vertical timber screens and see your deck change into a lovely shelter.

7. Artistic Wood

Artistic Wood

Find stunning wooden lattice options with twisted designs that can make your deck look amazing. These decking lattice alternatives serve two purposes. They’re useful and add beauty.

By using these special lattice designs, you can easily make your outdoor space look like a work of art. These lattice choices are perfect for people who appreciate detailed and artistic work. They don’t just work well.

They also look good. They give you a chance to show off your taste for fine details, make your deck stand out, and impress everyone. Upgrade your deck with these artistic wood lattice options and make it a true masterpiece.

8. Stone Beauty

Stone Beauty

A stone lattice is both classy and strong. Decking lattice alternatives go well with real stone and make your deck look great. It lasts a long time, so your deck stays nice.

The stone lattice gives a mark of the trend while also making sure your deck remains a beautiful centerpiece. So, if you want a deck that’s both good-looking and tough, choose a stone lattice. It’s the best of both.

9. Vinyl Lattice

Vinyl Lattice

Vinyl lattice comes in many different designs, from old-fashioned to modern. It’s simple to clean and won’t break or bend over time, which makes it a very practical choice. You can pick classic lattice designs that don’t go out of fashion, or you can choose more up-to-date designs.

What’s so big about vinyl lattice is that it stays tough, even when it gets wet or faces the weather. These decking lattice alternatives mean you won’t have to think about changing it anytime soon. So, whether you prefer an old-fashioned look or a new one, vinyl lattice is a smart and long-lasting option for your needs.

10. Plants Integration

Plants Integration

Replace your regular garden structures with lattice alternatives. These decking lattice alternatives bring bright colors and lovely scents to your outdoor area. Your garden becomes a green paradise with these attractive lattice structures.

Think about lively flowers and sweet-smelling vines growing gracefully on these frames. They not only help your plants but also make your garden more attractive. It becomes a wonderful place to relax and enjoy nature in your backyard.

11. Timber Simplicity

Timber Simplicity .jpg

Timber lattice is a basic and flexible choice for many types of buildings. It’s not expensive, and it’s easy to use. People always like decking lattice alternatives. It can make any building look good.

Whether you have a new or old building, timber lattice makes it look better. Many people pick it because it always looks perfect and you don’t have to spend a lot of money.

12. Rock Aesthetics

Rock Aesthetics

Mixing rocks with lattice can make your space look amazing. When you put these two things together, it creates a hard contrast that stands out.

Think about a garden path with rough rocks and, next to them, fancy lattice panels. These decking lattice alternatives not only look cool but also balance the natural and structured parts. In outdoor decor, using stone and lattice can also be pretty neat.

Think of a stone wall with lattice trellises. It’s a cool mix of rough textures and fine patterns. So, whether you’re indoors or outdoors, blending rocks and lattice can add a beautiful touch to your design.

13. Cedar Wall Cover

Cedar Wall Cover

For a natural and country-style look, go with Cedar Wall Cover. Cedar wood is perfect for outdoor use because it naturally keeps bugs away and doesn’t rot easily.

Over time, it turns a pretty gray color, which adds to its attraction. Cedar Wall Cover not only gives you privacy but also makes your deck area feel warm. It’s easy to work with, so you can customize it without any trouble.

To make sure it lasts a long time and keeps looking great, don’t forget to do some simple maintenance, like sealing or staining it regularly. With Cedar Wall Cover, you get both beauty and durability for your outdoor spaces.

14. Storage Solutions

Storage Solutions

To make your outdoor space greater, think about cool ways to store things. Get creative with benches that hide things inside or use the space under your deck. These tricky options help you keep your deck neat and your outdoor stuff safe.

Whether it’s cushions, gardening tools, or pool gear, you can hide them here so they don’t get wet or messy. No more mess, and you’ll have everything you need nearby.

15. Lattice Deck Ideas

Lattice Deck Ideas .jpeg

Lattice is a unique way to make your deck look finer and keep it private. It’s really handy It’s perfect for planting or can be improved with lattice panels. You can also use it as a background for potted plants to make your deck feel comfy.

Lattice gives your deck a nice touch, some privacy, and lots of options. Whether you want a peaceful spot or just want to make your deck look wonderful, lattice is a simple way to make your outdoor space awesome.

16. Timber Lattice

Timber Lattice

The wooden grid adds a comfortable, clear hit to your outdoor area. It’s strong and goes great with wooden decks. You can easily change its color by staining or painting it to match your deck. Besides looking good, it also helps with shade and privacy while letting the air through.

Decking lattice alternatives are tough and pretty choices that fit right in with your deck, making your outdoor space more inviting and attractive.

17. Shaker Shingles

Shaker Shingles

To make your deck inviting, like a cottage, think about using shaker shingles. These shingles have an old-fashioned attraction that goes well with all kinds of designs, whether they’re more traditional or modern. Shaker shingles are always in fashion, and they look simple and classy.

They’re a smart choice for changing your outdoor space into a peaceful spot where you can enjoy nature comfortably. They give your deck a warm and friendly vibe, making it a welcoming place to relax and enjoy the large outdoors.

18. Stone Enclosures

Stone Enclosures

These decking lattice alternatives do more than just keep your space private. They also make it look amazing. They fit right in with the outdoors, making everything seem natural and permanent. Stone walls bring a sight of luxury and something that’ll stay for a long time.

They’re a great choice if you want to make your space better and more useful. If you want a private spot or just want your outdoor area to look nicer, stone walls can do both well. Try out stone walls today and give your space a cool makeover.

19. Metal Lattice

Metal Lattice .jpg

Metal Lattice is made from strong things like aluminum or steel, so it lasts and doesn’t get rusty. You can pick from many designs, like basic shapes or cool patterns, to match your style. It’s easy to keep clean and won’t bend over time.

Metal Lattice is great for helping plants climb up, adding some nature to your deck. So, if you want a modern, easy-to-care-for lattice option that adds both style and greenery to your outdoor space, Metal Lattice is a great decking lattice alternative.

20. Aluminum Concealment

Aluminum Concealment

Aluminum lattice screens look clean and simple, and they let air pass through easily. They are tough and won’t get rusty or damaged easily. If you want something modern and strong for covering up or decorating, these screens are a wonderful choice. Decking lattice alternatives mix both looks and strength in one.

21. Horizontal Covers

Horizontal Covers

Horizontal lattice patterns on your deck create a trendy, open vibe. They make your deck look much bigger. These decorations work like an attraction, making your outdoor space seem more airy. It’s an easy way to develop your deck space without building.

If you want your deck to appear larger and more attractive, try using horizontal lattice marking. They’re a simple way to turn your deck into a trendy and expansive outdoor shelter.

22. Composite Planks

Composite Planks

If you want a deck that’s easy to take care of, choose using composite planks. They look like wood but have some great advantages. They won’t rot, bugs won’t bother them, and they won’t fade in the sun. Composite planks are made from a mix of materials, often including recycled plastics and wood bits.

These decking lattice alternatives make them strong and low-maintenance. Unlike wood, you don’t need to stain or seal them. You can enjoy your deck without worrying about its condition. So, if you want a deck that keeps looking good without a lot of work, composite planks are a smart choice.

23. Victorian Style

Victorian Style

Upgrade your deck with Victorian lattice. It’s like adding pretty designs to your outdoor space. These decking lattice alternatives have an old-fashioned marking that looks nice. People who love detailed things will be happy with it. Think about your deck with these beautiful lattice panels. They make your outdoor area look lovely. The patterns remind you of the past and make your space feel fancy.

But this lattice isn’t just for looks. It’s also useful. You can use it for privacy, shade, or helping plants grow. Your deck becomes a comfy spot for mornings, barbeques, or just relaxing outside. Victorian lattice is a mix of old and new. It’ll grab attention and make your deck stand out.

24. Vertical or Horizontal Slats

Vertical or Horizontal Slats

You can put the lattice up and down or side to side on your deck. When it’s vertical, it makes your deck seem taller, and when it’s horizontal, it makes your deck look wider.

Vertical lattice gives a feeling of height, while horizontal lattice gives a sight of wideness. So, you can choose how you want your deck to appear, either taller or wider, by how you put up the decking lattice alternatives.

25. Brick and Stone

Brick and Stone

Using bricks or stones in your lattice design can make your deck stand out. They’re not only good-looking but also tough. You can also make them match your deck’s overall look. Think about how cool it would be to mix bricks or stones with lattice work on your deck.

The decking lattice alternatives make it look open and fashionable, while the bricks or stones add a tough and cool touch. The best part is you can pick the colors and patterns that go well with your deck.

Whether you want your deck to look classic, old-fashioned, or new, putting bricks or stones in your lattice design lets you make it your own. So, don’t miss out on this chance to make your deck amazing and hard for a long time to come.


When it comes to finding the best decking lattice alternatives, there are some great options to consider. We’ve found some of the top choices that can improve the look and purpose of your outdoor space.

First, there’s the classic choice of wood lattice. It’s affordable, easy to find, and can be customized to match your style.

However, it may require more maintenance over time. For those looking for low-maintenance options, vinyl lattice is a fantastic choice.

It’s durable, doesn’t need painting, and is waterproof to rot and pests. If you want something unique, try a metal lattice. It’s strong and gives a modern mark to your deck. Finally, don’t forget about plants like climbing vines.

The best lattice alternative for your decking project will depend on your budget, style, and maintenance preferences.

We hope this help has made it easier for you to make an informed decision and create the perfect deck for your needs.

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