The best exterior house colors for 2023 The best exterior house colors for 2023

Discover the Hottest Exterior House Colors for 2024

Choosing the best exterior house color requires various factors to be considered. This simple but important decision can have a profound impact on how your home appears to the world.

A good-looking home is always judged from the outside first. The colors, paints, hues, and combinations you decide to opt for can be a game-changer in determining the final look and feel of your house.

Every year, new paint colors come up in the market and compete with the existing popular shades as the best exterior house color for 2024.

Are you looking to decide which is the best shade that stays up to date with the current trends, designs, and looks? Choose colors that not only fit your aesthetic but also blend perfectly well with the direction, aesthetic, design, and decor of your house.

Here are some of the best paint colors for the exterior section of your home.

1. Nightfall by Benjamin Moore

Nightfall by Benjamin Moore

When choosing the right color, you don’t always need to go for the light colors that are safe. Go bold and choose a much more brilliant aesthetic by opting for a dark color such as Nightfall. This color is a blackened grey color that offers very subtle blue undertones.

The LRV value of this shade is 6.36, giving you an idea of how dark it is. When mixed and matched with the right combinations, it can totally uplift the look of your home. This shade is especially great for homes that have a wood or stone kind of aesthetic.

2. Regent Green By Benjamin Moore

Regent Green By Benjamin Moore

This is yet another super dark shade for those who like their homes dark and broody. This shade is an almost black-like shade that will stand out from miles away. With an LRV value of almost 4.19, it can be the oomph factor you are looking for every time a car drives into your driveway.

This regent green has a blue-green tone and goes brilliantly well with stone or cement exterior elements. It has a modern, luxurious touch and is not for the faint-hearted. If you have a bold sense of style, this color will tickle your senses.

3. November Rain By Benjamin Moore

November Rain By Benjamin Moore

Wondering how you can use a simple shade that can transform your home? November Rain by Benjamin Moore just does that. It is this stunning light grey shade that offers an almost versatile appearance when subjected to light. It gives off an off-white type appearance under certain light eagles.

It has green undertones that make it a great fit for the outdoors. This shade has an LRV of 71.03, which makes it a brilliant shade to have for a good, bright, sunny home.

4. Alabaster By Sherwin Willams

Alabaster By Sherwin Willams

When in doubt, the subtle light, almost white shades, always do the trick. If you are someone who does not want to experiment too much with bold colors and hues, then Alabaster by Sherwin Willams is a threat to the eyes. This is a very popular, trendy shade used for years by many as an exterior and interior paint because of its simplistic color profile.

It is a warm off-white color with beige undertones that give it some much-needed warm and inviting look. Isn’t this exactly what one is looking for when choosing a good exterior paint color?

5. Tricorn Black by Sherwin Willams

Tricorn Black by Sherwin Willams

The choice of opting for black exterior paint isn’t an easy one. But if you have been looking for a good black shade that compliments the outside of your home, congratulations, this could be the one for you.

Tricorn Black by Sherwin Willams is a great paint shade for color sections of the exterior parts of the house. This includes the siding sections, the pillars, or beams, which, when contrasted with other lighter colors, look stunning. You can also go for a completely black shade all over the house for a more contemporary look. However, it may not be for everyone.

6. Mohegan Sage By Benjamin Moore

Mohegan Sage By Benjamin Moore

This dark grey beauty can give the exterior of your home an exquisite look and feel. Be aware that this grey is probably darker than you would imagine. The LRV of 12.37 can be a good indicator for you to judge the dark hue color this shade offers.

It has a more neutral undertone and can be a great look for the outside of your home. It will give your home the modern and contemporary look and feel that you crave so much. Try out this shade that has a perfect blending in quality!

7. Pewter Cast Gray by Sherwin Williams

Pewter Cast Gray by Sherwin Williams

Greys are a very popular preferred choice for home exteriors. This is because greys can uplift your home to appear light during peak sunlight. It is also less harsh on your home when it weathers over time and has stains, unlike white or off-white colors.

They are a great choice for homes that have exposed stone walls, brick walls, or just wood panels. It goes well with black-painted roofs, too. It is an easy color to work with and very difficult to go wrong with.

8. Polar Bear by Behr

Polar Bear by Behr .jpg

When you imagine your perfect dreamy home, what is the first image that comes to mind? Isn’t it a dreamy, wonderland-type white home with a picket fence and lush green lawns? The Polar Bear by Behr is here to make those childhood dreams come true.

This super beautiful Polar Bear 75 is a classic white paint with slightly warm undertones of pink. The color in itself is a cool color. But the slight pink undertones give it an overall appearance of stunning, dreamy white color.

If you have natural wood as your porch or fence, this color works beautifully for it, too. You can also combine this with other collateral shades because almost any color will mix and match well with this beautiful shade.

9. Peppercorn By Sherwin Willams

Peppercorn By Sherwin Willams

Some shades are made for the great outside. Peppercorn by Sherwin Willams is one such shade. It is a dark grey color that perfectly meets the quintessential white American house dream.

It works well with a lot of sunlight and gives an uber-rich look and feel that it’s hard to match. It goes well with wood panels or brick walls. It has been a trending popular choice for an exterior paint color. It gives off a very rich and superior vibe, making your home look dreamy and classy.

If you have a home that is bestowed with plenty of natural sunlight, then peppercorn by Sherwin Willams is a great first choice for your exteriors.

10. Naval By Sherwin Williams

Naval By Sherwin Williams

No, we are not here to give you boring exterior paint choices. Here’s a sign to go for some bold and blue aesthetic for your home. Don’t you want someone addressing your home as ‘that pretty blue home down the block’?

Sherwin Willams offers this trendy, cool, and beautiful shade of Naval. It is a proper dark blue color with lesser grey undertones. It has a slightly brighter blue appearance, making your home look bright and airy.

This shade was the color of the year in 2020, given the wild popularity and reference it gained with both professionals and homeowners alike. It can look stunning and one-of-a-kind for exterior walls, wood panels, door trims, porches, and more.

11. Shaded White By Farrow and Ball

Shaded White By Farrow and Ball

Looking for a subtle but dramatic look? Shaded white has the right amount of green undertone, making this a preferred go-to shade of exterior home paint. This shade is a brilliant example of a calming grey shade. This shade falls under the neutral category as it is neither warm nor cool.

This versatile color works well indoors and outdoors; it can complement modern homes but look equally stunning in new-age homes. You can contrast this with lighter shades to have a more relaxed, calming overall vibe. With this shade

12. Mizzle No 266 By Farrow and Ball

Mizzle No 266 By Farrow and Ball

Dreamy homes are often made of the most dreamy shades. Get the perfect look with this super pale green that is an excellent option for your home’s exteriors. They give an overall pleasing, calming aesthetic look because they look brilliant with the natural green tones of your landscape. It is a fresh color that makes you feel right at home and gives off an airy, bright feeling.

13. Calamine By Farrow and Ball

Want a very Barbie-like soothing aesthetic in your home every time you drive in? You simply cannot go wrong with Calamine by Farrow and Ball if pink was the aesthetic you were going for.

The age-old misconception that pink is too girlie, too this, or too that is now outdated and simply does not hold true. This shade is a brilliant pink shade that is the right amount of subtle, the right amount of brightness. It stands out and gives your home a touch of class and elegance that makes your home stunning to look at.

14. Mountain Road By Sherwin Willams

Mountain Road By Sherwin Willams

This shade is a simple, earthy tone with a neutral look. It has some much-needed depth that adds value and personality to your home. It can have a very warm and inviting appeal, giving your home some much-needed warm look and feel. It goes well with darker color palettes such as black, wood, stone, and copper tones, among others.

Things to Note Before Choosing an Exterior Paint

Choosing the right exterior paint is more than just about the color shade. Pick good quality paint suppliers that have been known for the service, quality, and product they offer, especially in terms of exterior paints.

You need to understand the surface you are applying to and prepare the surface well before making your final paint coat. The amount intensity of sunlight is as important as the direction of the light.

It plays a big role in how the paint might appear and how long it will last or fade. In addition, the weather conditions in the area you stay in are also a big contributing factor when purchasing the right exterior color for your home. Some other general tips include do not paint your home on days when the temperature falls below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.


Picking the right color, the best exterior color for your home in 2024, requires in-depth research. While this article briefed you on some of the best possible shades for exterior house paint in 2024, choosing the one that will work best for you depends on many factors.

This includes the color preferences and what elements are present on the exterior parts, for example, stone, brickwork, wood panels, and more. Doing a patch test is essential.

Do patch tests in areas that have adequate sunlight and in areas that have scanty sunlight to be sure how the shade will appear in either case.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Most Popular Exterior Color for 2024?

Alabaster By Sherwin Willams is a very popular shade for the exteriors of the home in 2024. Besides that, you can make your final choice depending on the kind of tones you prefer. Choose between warmer, dark, or cooler tones, depending on your preference.

What is the House Color of The Year 2024?

Raspberry Blush is the house color of the year 2024, offered by Benjamin Moore. It has a saturated orange shade that looks beautiful. Besides this, Digital Lavender, Luscious red, and Sundial are some of the unique colors of 2024.

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